Tom-Kita-Chara Lodge Collection


Saw this interesting lot looks like a very well to do collection from this lodge that was amazed many years ago.


Note from seller*


This is a really nice collection of patches from Tom Kita Chara Lodge #96, Samoset Council, Wisconsin. The lodge was founded in 1936 and remains very active. I am a past lodge chief and attended the lodge fall conference this year. I am thrilled that the lodge has never merged, and that its symbol of a leaping buck has remained constant all these years.


For those of you who care, the Blue Book erroneously reports that the lodge was once called Tesomas. I invited the the first lodge chief (from 1936-39) to our reunion two years ago. We had a wonderful talk which I recorded. The lodge has always been named Tom Kita Chara, and the charters in the museum confirm this.


A first flap is included, and there are scans of it front and back. It is used. The pre-FDL patches: the first flap, the other early flap, and the pie; were all one per life. I originally counted 47 total pieces, but had left 8 on the scanner so there are actually 55. On the silk screen neckerchief there is a visible stain. Almost all of the conference patches are mint.


The 1946 Conference patch is probably the nicest item. It is mint (the shadowing is from the scanner). It is on a thin almost cheesecloth type material which did not hold up at all well if it was washed. It is rare to find one as nice as this one.





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