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I am a member of Nentico Lodge # 12 in the Baltimore Area Council in Baltimore Maryland. I had my ordeal in 1993 at age 16 after up for troop elections 3 times. My first year was in active since none of my troop whom was already was OA members were active. In 1994 a family friend whom was at the time the Chapter Advisor for my local Chapter started me to get active in my chapter. In Late 1994 I was elected to fill in for the Chapter Chief for the remainder of 1994. I was re-elected for Chapter Chief for 1995. In 1995 I got my Brotherhood helping my Chapter achieve 100% Brotherhood conversion. I was elected chapter chief for 1996 and 1997 also. All total I was Chapter chief for 40 months a Lodge record. I was submitted for the election of Lodge Chief in 1996 and 1997 both of which I lost. I was award Vigil Honor in 1997 and given the name Allogagan meaning “He who provides Service”. I was elangomat a total of 30 times in my lodge helping over 200 people in their becoming OA members. 2 of which later became Lodge Officers (vice-chief and treasier). I was the first member to be given the Lodge’s Elangomat Award (BB’s A1 for Lodge 12).


I like to collect OA Flaps from lodges. I only have 3 of my lodge’s 75th ann flaps (1997) and 3 of my lodge’s trader flap (S12) to trade still.





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