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Morley-Topkis-Horne collection auctions:


From an excerpt from The Scout Patch Auction


We are handling significant portions of the better items from this collection. These collections combined represent the largest, most complete collection of Order of the Arrow items ever put together. The core of the collection is going to the Las Vegas International Scouting Museum but there was some overlap amongst these collections and the museum?s existing holdings.


Mr. Topkis and Dr. Morley are both recipients of the International Scout Collectors Association (ISCA) Distinguished Service Award, National Editors of the Blue Book Standard Guide for Order of the Arrow insignia, and many more contributions to the hobby. Dr. Horne is the founder and benefactor to the Las Vegas International Scouting Museum (LVISM) the largest display of Scouting memorabilia.


Check our About Me page for our mailing list and web-site for previews of upcoming items. This has been described by others as “The Sale of the Century.”


Check their listings for rare and common items. Let me just add some are reaonable some are ridicuclous in price so buyer beware and dont let gotta-haveit-now-itis bite you. (unless it might be that last piece to your collection:)








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