Best Dixie Fellowship Issues on eBay

I should have been doing this all along but here is the first update on the best selling Dixie Fellowship items on eBay. This list comes from the last month or two on the auction site and is pretty complete. The one I’m really shocked at is the 1979 Dixie Staff n/c. I really have seen that single item valued at over $700. I think for some time its been considered one of the rarest staff items from any of the Dixies. I really should have jumped in on that one but somebody else got a steal.


1979 Dixie Fellowship – Complete Set 3 – Staff Reg Mint


1954 Dixie Fellowship Patch OA 188 Hosted Mint


1957 Area 6B Dixie Fellowship Patch


Dixie Fellowship 1954 Area VI B, Central N. C. Council


Dixie Fellowship n/c 1968 Camp Old Ind. Area 6-B


1966 OA Dixie Fellowship Area 6-B Patch Eswau Huppeday


1967 Dixie Fellowship Patch OA 188 Hosted Mint





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