Boy Scout Collector’s Business Card Directory

Brian Ives has just published a Boy Scout Collector’s Business Directory and has decided to make it a free eBook to support the collecting community. This eBook is available exclusively on eJunkie and is a free downloadable PDF file. Brian spent many hours sorting through a stack of about 500 business cards he got during the project. After eliminating the ones that were out of date or for people not actively in the hobby his project whittled it down to 170 dealers, collectors and traders who gave permission to be included. The neat thing about the functionality that Brian built in is that there are hyperlinks to each persons online presence whether that be on Facebook, as an eBay seller or in some cases a hosted Word document with their needs list. I plan on using the directory myself to reach out to some new faces and will keep it on my smart phone whenever I need to quickly pull up contact information. You never know when you might be a a trade-o-ree and need someones cell phone to make a deal! Please feel free to tell your Scouting friends about this project and encourage them to get the free download.

Download the Free PDF of the Boy Scout Collector’s Business Card Directory

I believe that as a free resource this is an excellent eBook that everyone should have.  When I first started playing around with the idea of an eBook I crafted a free resource to help collectors spot Chinese fakes.  While the problem has calmed down thankfully on eBay lately its always good to know what phoneys are out there.  If you never got that free eBook then you should know its also available as a free download.

Download the Free PDF of A Guide to Identifying Recent Chinese Fakes on eBay

If anyone else has some similar projects or hobby resources that they would like to make available to the hobby either as a free or paid eBook please contact me.  I think anything we can do to grow the hobby ultimately is in everybody’s interest.




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