Catawba Lodge 459 All Events Pass?

It appears that Catawba lodge has come out with a new pass for the year if you pay in advance you get a pass patch. This is very similar to Coosa lodge 50 from Alabama.


The following text is copied from oaimages*


Larry Banks recently sent me images of four new patches from Catawba lodge. As I understand it, two of these will not be issued for some time yet.


Catawba lodge has a program where a brother can pre-register for all the lodge? Yearly events at once. In exchange for the advance registration, the brother gets an ?All Events?Patch for that year. Coosa lodge in Alabama also does something similar. My own lodge has its ? Gold Card? For those who pre-register for all the events at once, but does not have any special patch for this.


I am not certain how these should be listed in Blue Book so to past precedents for guidance. Coosa?s event pass patches are listed as lodge issues, so I?ll follow that precedent barring a decision otherwise from the North Carolina Blue Book editor.


I am unsure exactly when the 2007 patch was issued.
If appropriate, I will adjust the numbers on my site to insert it in as close to its correct chronological position as possible. Also, as the 2009 and 2010 patches are not yet issued, I will not assign them any catalog number yet even though they do appear on this site.


All four patches share the same design. The only difference is the year embroidered on ?Meck?s? briefcase.


Trying to stay ahead in collecting SR-5 is getting tough these days!!





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