Flaps Only A Mother Could Love

It is often said that the most beautiful vintage flap is the Unilachtego Lodge #411 S1 flap.  The combination of old Swiss embroidery and rich colors make it a sweet looking patch.  I blogged earlier about my interest in old Swiss embroidered flaps and how I was much more interested in collecting them then modern issues.  However, in this blog post I also want to make a case why I also shun old twill flaps.  Truth be told – some of them are pretty ugly.  So just for fun I’ve gone into recent eBay history to pull out some twill flaps that only a mother could love. 🙂


OA 207 Stanford-Oljato F1
OA 215 Noo-Ti-Mis Oh’ke First Flap
OA 377 Sipp-O First Flap
OA Flap Patch Quelqueshoe Lodge 166
OA 183 Chatoka First Flap
OA 457 Thal-Coo-Zyo F1a
OA 553 Paugassett First Flap
OA 493 Nicaweeggee First Flap
OA 28 Half Moon First Flap



The whole enitre evienng was a moment to remember. We knew we were having dinner but it was absolutely totally special from the moment we got there until we had to leave. The trip will be fun and I am excited to go. The envelope system is unique and very functional. Thank you Jeni

By Sophia on September 6th, 2012 at 11:48 pm

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