Flaps That Hit The Lottery Jackpot!

We all know that 99% of the time the really good OA flaps on eBay are no bargains.  The big dealers in the hobby do their homework and so the minimum bid on most valuable flaps is within a few pennies of retail.  This explains why if you were to sort all the items on eBay by highest price you would see sometimes dozen of lonely flaps waiting on that one bidder willing to pay the asking price.  But there are those sellers out there who buck this trend.  Maybe its ignorance of the price guide available on www.oaimages.com or maybe its bravado.  I’m going to assume for the most part they just don’t know what the patch is worth and are willing to let the auction process work out the kinks.  So in this blog post I’d like to share with you examples of flaps that hit the lottery.  In other words, flaps that started out with a very low minimum bid (all less than $20 to make my list) and sold for tens and sometimes hundreds of times their initial start price.


Boy Scout OA Flap Patch Unaliyi 236 1967 Dancers WWW (27 bids)
OA First Flap Lodge 35 (24 bids)
Boy Scout Ajapeu 33 OA Flap Dark Green (13 bids)
Vintage OA Scout Patch Flap Lodge 336 Wa La Moot Kin (18 bids)
Boy Scout OA Flap Patch Quelquesgoe Lodge 166 (11 bids)
OA Wahissa Lodge 118 S1 First Flap Patch Old Hickory (12 bids)
Coosa 50 Vigil Flap M5 (14 bids)



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