Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 10, 2017

This is what your sorting table can look like when you are doing the “rough sort” of boxes of Boy Scout stuff. This is some new stuff I’m selling for a collector and it came in boxes. My job yesterday was to sort out the OA, camp patches, shoulder strips etc into different containers. From there I can alphabetize things and get ready to list.

Another listing project to look out for is about 6 of these long boxes filled with OA flaps. There is a chance that project could go online by the end of the weekend. These would be probably total over 1k flaps from lodges in the lower number ranges. I’ve got about 20+ boxes of flaps to work through and I’m making progress slowly on that one.

I am going to be attending the St. Louis TOR next weekend. If you need any Best Hobby Pages and plan on coming to the show please let me know. You can save on shipping by placing your order and allowing me to deliver it in person.

The first rounds of auctions from the Midwest collection are ending this weekend. I have 93 auctions closing soon and more that I’m working on. My mother has been visiting this week and she even helped me a little bit with pulling some patches out of notebooks. I think one of the things they taught us in Wood Badge was using your resources wisely.




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