Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 18, 2016


The collection that I brought home has thousands of pieces and what I’ve decided to do is do a reverse flip. Instead of selling the best 20% first which is the normal course of action I’m going to start with the bottom end stuff first. I don’t know if you ever tried to pull a Jedi mind trick on yourself but here is the logic. If I box up the lower end stuff and put it in the garage it will sit there for years and I’ll never get to it. So I’m going to hustle the stuff that I don’t think is all that special first figuring the good stuff will still be good 6 months from now.

The other cool thing I’m going to do with the collection is create some Scout history displays. For example there are hundreds of NOAC pieces in this collection and as I break it down I’m going to create Boxware sized frames for each NOAC with the patch, n/c, paper items etcetera that I can then use moving forward. Just yesterday I got an invitation to attend a troop meeting here in Charlotte in early 2017 to do a session on patch trading. By then I should have my broad historical frames ready to go.

The collection also included an entire box of Philmont items including items documented to the book that Mike McAdams published on the topic. Many of these items were the ones issued in the last 20 years so not super rare stuff but just a lot of it. Having never visited the Scout Ranch myself this is not a collection focus for me but I’ll pull a single representative frame together and part with the rest.

The first dozen auctions I launched last night are random neckerchiefs (of which there are maybe 500 more) and I’ve got them priced to sell. If I saw a 40 year old camp neckerchief from my home camp you know I’d jump on it. So I’ll get to see what happens and I’m looking forward to finding new homes for all this stuff.






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