New Centennial Flap from Catawba Lodge 459!

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Lodge 459: Centennial Uniform Flap?



Catawba 459 S97?

Catawba lodge seems to have taken a cue from Eswau Huppeday and has recently issued a flap designed to match the color scheme of the new BSA Centennial uniform. The design is similar to the lodge?s standard flaps, using the traditional representation of their hornets nest totem, but is rendered in dark olive and khaki.


The is the first lodge flap I am aware of (apparently) designed to match the color scheme of the new uniform.





PLEASE tell me that patch is a photoshop joke!?

By Cut Edge Critter on November 28th, 2008 at 11:26 pm

Real deal…

By missingarrow on November 28th, 2008 at 11:44 pm

Ugly. They should have made it a khaki tan ghost flap and gone for the military subdued look.

By ISCA87L on November 30th, 2008 at 2:23 am

This from the same lodge that made a flap to celebrate the lodge advisers wedding.

Some days I scratch my head and wonder why do I collect modern era OA issues????

By jason on December 1st, 2008 at 2:31 pm

And did they have to put THAT word on the top?

By ISCA87L on December 1st, 2008 at 4:05 pm

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