OA Legend on Flaps Wapashuwi Lodge 56


This is a set of 12 flaps depicting the OA legend they were issued one a month till the story was told in cloth form by issuing 12 beautiful flaps.


A nice set–comes with the flyer used to market it- the titles of each flap:


#1 Peaceful Tribe of Indians; #2 Through the forest…” #3 Seasons in succession..” #4 Behold a cloud arising..” #5 Made quick inquiry..” #6 Then spoke up the noble Uncus..”


#7 Catch the higher vision..” #8 Some were found..” #9 The fierce maurauders were forced back..” #10 On good soil bears quick fulfillment


#11 Bound these warriors..” #12 To the present day perpetuate





That is a very clever idea. Kinda reminds me of a set Tantiteke 313 did a while back where they had a different flap for famous Indian chiefs and each came with a card telling the history of that chief. I think there were about a dozen of those in the sets. I said it was a while back now I’m thinking it was back in the early 90s.


By jason on November 26th, 2007 at 1:30 pm

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