Santee Lodge 116 F-1 F-2 Pattern Sells!


This is an interesting auction to say the least. the seller tried to sell this pattern for $1000.00 on three different occasions recently on eBay. While he was selling other lodges for 99.99-299.99 with no real rhyme or reason behind the opening bids of the other lodges.


Then this past week came the auction many true Santee lodge 116 collectors were hoping (actually praying) for. The no reserve auction! Once the dust settled from some modest bidding the final for this super rare pattern of a very restricted flap and lodge was a mere




To a bidder whom i believe created this name specifically for this auction.




The next question on many people’s minds is — who was this masked man or woman and will this rare piece of South Carolina history see the light of day again or is it being hoarded in a true Santee collectors collection to whom we don’t know???………Or Do We??????


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