Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 6, 2016


I’m thinking about making an Election Day swing through South Carolina to restock my antique mall booth in Florence, SC. The kids have the day off from school and I have already taken advantage of early voting in NC. Would you believe one of the top selling items in that booth is my tub of $1 patches! Some days I only sell a single patch but it’s time to refresh the tub and go see parents down in SC.

I found out yesterday that another one of my Scout buddies from college is a Cubmaster in Columbia, SC. A bunch of us from Camp Staff all went to college together and as evidence of this circle of life now many of us are now Scouting dads whether it’s Cubs, Boy Scouts or the GSoA. I’ve done all three since graduating.

I have been having fun on Facebook posting auctions that I spot and which I can spin a little bit of humor about. Hey when you spend as much time on eBay as I do you see a lot of crazy stuff. So what do you get the Scout leader who has it all. How about 6 rusty troop meeting chairs. The reason this one is noteworthy is the asking price. The minimum bid is $199 and the shipping will set you back another $75. Which goes shows to prove when it comes to valuing things in this hobby it’s easy to not have a clue.

I don’t know what to expect tonight when the early Camp Craggy felt auction ends. There are 31 watchers and the page has been viewed almost 300 times so there is interest but so far nobody has chipped in a bid. This is the kind of listing that eBay was made for – just no telling what it may go for.






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