Esselen 531 CSE Flap

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to buy a Chief Scout Executive flap from Esselen Lodge 531, and the corresponding Monterey Bay Area CSP. Deadline for ordering is December 15, 2008.


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It sounds like the design will be printed onto the threads somehow in a way that will make it look like a painting. Don’t know the exact details on how this will work.


With the cost set at $50 each, what are your speculations on future values? For the CSP, I’m guessing that not many people will order them, so fewer than 100 will be made. This quantity will set the “value” at around $100 so you won’t necessarily be losing your investment. (Of course, it’s better to trade your $100 Chang FOS CSP for one since then you’ll only be out $2.00 and the other guy would have spent $50.00. :confused:) For the OA flap, I’m guessing the value will stay at $50.00, regardless of the number made. Only Esselen or California collectors will buy it and nobody else will be interested in one; otherwise they would have bought it. Hence, nobody will give more than $50 in value for it.


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