Funky Boy Scout Collectibles Surprise on eBay

Sometimes in the Hot Finds email I find some pretty interesting items that don’t fit the typical mold.  Recently on eBay I passed on including some lots of foreign patches that I could see were attracting a lot of bids.  I figured that most of my readers were US collectors and probably wouldn’t consider a lot of patches from Costa Rica as a pertinent auction.   However, when you go back and look at closed listings this one jumped off the chart.  With just nine bids it sold for an eye-popping amount!  I then went on to look for other interesting items that were unusual but did well.


Huge Lot of Boy Scout Numbers and Names + Case
24 – Boy Scouts – 23 Costa Rica National Badges
Original Boy Scout Camera 1913 Seneca Box No.2 +Box MIB
Official Boy Scout Telephone Telegraph Field Set Rare





Jeremy Slaybaugh / Actually, despite your neeeldssly emotional reaction and attempt at throwing stones, the chaos being spoken of is taking a boy who IS a boy both by nature and by physiology, and not only encouraging him to believe he’s a girl at 7, (developmentally, emotionally and mentally unable to understand the ramifications of his decision) but putting him into the middle of a bunch of girls who are girls by nature and physiology. It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to see that that can very easily lead to some awkward and yes, chaotic, responses and situations.Looking at the situation realistically is hardly “closed minded,” no matter how people such as yourself try to color it so.

By Julian on September 4th, 2012 at 9:28 pm

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