I could have been a postal test mail reporter!


I received an invitation from the US Postal Service to be an anonymous test mail reporter. A Mail Measurement Study is being conducted by IBM to see how well the USPS is performing. They send you 3-6 pieces of mail a week and you simply log into a website when you receive each piece.


Unfortunately I can’t participate in the study because I don’t collect my mail daily. The reason is that I have a PO box and the post office box lobby is only open from 8am – 4:30pm which happens to be when I’m at work. They used to keep the lobbies open 24 hours, but they shut them over a decade ago because homeless people used to camp out overnight.


Generally I’m happy with my mail service, however. I do get a lot of patch packages, (hehe) and once the station manager actually yelled at me and threatened to close my box and force me onto the wait list for a large size box because he claimed the standard one I have was too small for all the packages I get. The regular ladies behind the counter are much nicer and don’t hassle me about retrieving the yellow slips.





I got a similar letter and didn’t respond but since I get my mail at home it was more out of not wanting to hassle with it then a legitimate reason. 🙂

By jason on December 27th, 2011 at 4:53 pm

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