looking for camp patches that match founding lodge issue

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Sam Fairchild has asked that I share this recent message he posted on patch-l.

Since the founding of an Order of the Arrow Lodge is inextricably connected to the council?s summer camp program, the Scouting Century Foundation has decided to enlarge its first issue collection to include the camp insignia (whether badge, patch, pin or neckerchief) that was used the summer the lodge was founded. We will also include a short narrative about the founding of each lodge?

In order to accomplish this successfully, we need guidance from the list to include:

Which camp was the operative camp at the lodge?s founding;
A scan of the camp insignia that was issued that year, and ;
Any available information on the founding (?founder?, mother lodge, number of charter members, etc).
We will post a scan of each lodge?s first issue and corresponding camp insignia as well as narrative on a website for corrections and omissions as well as for guidance for all collectors.

As such, we will be looking to trade for these camp insignia as well. The Foundation has extensive duplicates. Thanks for thinking about this. Please send any information you may have to the Foundation by email (samchild7@mac.com), snail mail (PO Box 40, Brookside, NJ 07926) or by fax (973-543-0005). On behalf of my colleagues at the Foundation, I want to thank you in advance for any help you can provide us in this journey?



That is a neat idea. Santee 116 was chartered in the summer of 1938. For my council that patch would be the 1938 Camp Coker patch. We call the design a felt acorn. I’ve got one in my collection but Sam will have a tought time digging one of these up. I know that money talks and eventually he will get one but back in those days not many kids went to Coker in a summer and the patch was still be awarded to honor campers and not sold in the trading post.

By jason on December 19th, 2007 at 3:28 pm

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