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I saw this while building my Hot Finds Newsletter but I didn’t include it because I thought the price might be too high and nobody had yet bid on it. However, I do think its an interesting item and I got an email telling me about another item this same seller had up that looks really neat! The other thing that caught my eye was the background story that he narrates to go with it.


Order of The Arrow 5 Unami Lodge Founders Signature


Autographed OA Sash


In 1965 the Order of the Arrow celebrated it’s 50th birthday at Treasure Island Scout Camp. During the weekend, the original ordeal ceremony was conducted at the south end of the island. In attendance were 5 of the original 25 members from the 1915 ordeals. I was fortunate enough to have all 5 autograph my Brotherhood Sash. I have since taken my Vigil. Those signing were:


E. Urner Goodman


I first met our founder in 1947 when he was guest speaker at our District Dinner when I was honored as one of the 3 Eagle Scouts for the year. Our paths crossed many times since then. Dr. Goodman was from Philadelphia and had been recruited by a young Scout to be his Scoutmaster. The rest is history. He was Treasure Island Camp Director in 1915 and established the W.W.W. as a way of honoring the best Scouts.


Carrol A. Edson was the Assistant Camp Director in 1915 and worked with Dr. Goodman in developing the plans for the first ceremony.


George Chapman, in addition to being one of the first Scouts inducted into the Order, also served as the first Chief of Unami Lodge. George earned his Vigil Honors by saving a life while at Treasure Island. A young Scout had been carried away from the island by the swift Delaware River current. He entered the water and swam after the Scout. When he finally brought the youngster safely to shore, they were almost down to Trenton. George never left Scouting, he never bragged, and he just blended in. He was in fact, a hero.


Harry A. Yoder was Senior Patrol Leader for Treasure Island Camp in 1915. He led the candidates to the South End of the Island for the very first ordeal. Like George Chapman, Harry never left Scouting. Whenever I visit Treasure Island, I will always spend some time at the Yoder Pavilion, just above Unami Lodge. Usually alone and fondly remembering our conversations there about the “old days”. Harry is what comes to my mind when someone mentions “the old Scouts”. He truly was one of a kind.


H. L. Bungardt was at the 50th reunion and stated that he was a 1915 member. I have no reason to doubt him, but there seemed to be some confusion concerning this. I took his word for it, and asked him to sign my sash.


I have enjoyed having and displaying this part of the history of the WWW. Over the years, I have resisted the many offers I have had for the sash. I am with mixed feelings offering it on eBay. I trust that it will be enjoyed by others for many years to come.


Harry Yoder’s Wabanigo OA Book – Unami OA Founders





Apparently some people believe that if E. Urner Goodman touched it then it turned to gold. Since gold is selling around $1000/ounce that is just about right for how this seller has valued his item. Any comments gang?



By jason on December 9th, 2009 at 1:25 am

I think what this suggests is that some folks have no idea how many sashes Goodman and Edson signed over the years.

A sash with Goodman and Edson signatures is a very nice display item, but I’m sure there are hundreds of them floating around out there.

By Tegularius on December 9th, 2009 at 3:19 pm

The Vigil sash is overpriced, but the Brotherhood one is interesting! How often do you see a sash with signatures of so many founding members?

By ISCA87L on December 10th, 2009 at 3:42 am

I’m sure there are hundreds of them floating around out there.

I’d say it was well into the thousands! Goodman attended the 6-D in.. mmm… i believe it was 1964.. memory slips, but it was the year with his head on the patch with an arrow going through it… anyway… that’s about all he did all weekend was sign sashes… he must have signed 200 or more! … i got my ordeal and two brotherhoods signed… i was not vigil yet, so i didn’t have one of those for him to sign….


By hiker on December 26th, 2009 at 8:32 am

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