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Name: Shaun K Woolmer


Council: Baltimore Area Council 220


Lodge: Nentico Lodge 12 (ECT. 1922)


Section: NE-4C


Region: 6


I joined Scouting in 1994 as a first year Weblow of Pack 470 of Joppatowne Maryland. I was there for a year and a half then crossed over to Troop 978 Joppa Maryland in 1996. Where I advanced through the ranks slow but, I had time to see what scouting is all about instead just going fast and not having fun. I am 22 now acting as an adult advisor and Ast. Scoutmaster in my troop teaching the scouts and scouters Leave No Trace ( The places I have camp in my past 12 years are as following:


Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation (BAC) Maryland


Rodney Scout Reservation (Del-Mar-Va) Maryland


Goshen Scout Reservation (NCAC) Virgina


Camp Tuckahoe (York-Adams Council) Penn. State


Adarondack Scout Camps (Hiawatha Seaway Council) New York


Camp Conewago (York-Adams Council) Penn. State


Camp Cone (National Park (BAC)) Maryland


Hidden Valley Scout Res. (Keystne Area Council) Penn. State


Camp Siniquipie (Mason Dixion Council) Maryland / Penn. State


Camp Hensen Scout Reservation (Del-Mar-Va Council) Maryland


International Brotherhood Camporee (Hiawatha Seaway Council) New York (00′ 02′ 04′ 06′)


International Brotherhood Camporee (Canada) Canada (07′)


2 Years Cubscouts
12 Years Boy Scouts
2 Years Venture Scouts
7 Years Order of the Arrow


I been on Summer Camp Staff for 3 years, and Staff at Distict, Council and OA Trips for over 5 years!


I had the chance to visit the 2005 Jamboree, and had alot of fun!!! I did goto NOAC 2004, 2006, and I had great times. I have worked on camp staff for three years. (2001,02,04)
and Staff at Distict, Council and OA Trips for over 7 years!
Side Note Broad Creek Scout Camp Hosted the 2006 Pollish World Jamboree. In The Order of the Arrow I was tapped out in Febuary 2001, and made my Ordal Honor Aug. 2001, then my Brotherhood Honor of Aug. 2002. September 2005, I recieved my Vigil Honor.


Looking For A Trade I Want The Following!!!


Order of the Arrow Items:


~Any regular issued Lodge Flap (no Ann., Noacs, Conclaves, Ect)
~Nentico Lodge 12 Items
~Guneukitschik Lodge 317 Items
~Tuckahoe Lodge 386 Iems
~North East Section Items
~(Conclaves)NE-4C / SE-1 / 3-A / NE-6


Council and Camp Items:


Baltimore Area Council Items and Strips
Del-Mar-Va Council Strips
Mason Dixon Council Strips
Potomac Council Strips
Broad Creek Mem. Scout Reservation
Camp Linstead
Camp Rodney (Winter Camper Patches)
Any Merged or Non Active Council Strip (I don’t have already)


(Helpful Trader)



Since he’s a fellow Nentico brother, I thought I would put mine here.

Charles Scarlatta IV

Nentico Lodge # 12 of the Baltimore Area Council # 220

The Former Constellation District, now know as Babe Ruth District.
Cub Scouts – 1985 – 1988 – Got the Arrow of the Light – Pack 4 (folded)
Boy Scouts – 1988 – 1995 – youth – Eagle no Palms (ran out of time before could get my first Palm) – Troop 4 (folded)
1995 – 1999
Boy Scouts
Assiant Scout Master – Troop 4
Cub Scouts
Tiger Cub Leader Advisor – Pack 438 (4 Rivers District)

Was tapped out for the Order of the Arrow at Summer Camp 1993 at Broad Creek
Did my Ordeal in Oct. 1993.
Was elected Chapter Chief for Constellation in 1994 and held the post thru 1997 (filled in for 2 months in 1998 at which time I then turned 21), I held the post of Chapter Chief for a total of 40 months which stands as the record as the longest time served by one person as a Chapter Chief in the lodge (Nentico).
Did my Brotherhood in the Spring Fellowship 1995.
Was named a Vigil Honor in Fall Fellowship 1997 and given the name Allogagan, meaning “He who proves Service” for my time helping the lodge as Elgomat (served a total of about 20 times in 3 years another Lodge Record)

I had to stop my activity with the scouts in 1999 due to my starting of my working life and never having a free weekend.

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