The World Cup of OA Flaps

I enjoy listening to an online radio station out of the UK while working on the Hot Finds and the sites.  Tonight they were making a big to-do out of the fact that in the next round of the World Cup the United States and England would be in head-to-head competition.  While those of us in America were probably more curious to watch the title games in college football this week (SEC, Big 12, etc) I understand that on a global state nothing rivals the World Cup.  So for this blog post I thought I’d ask what are the champion flaps on eBay as judged by their final price?


Boy Scout OA 297 Uncas First Flap
Oh – Da – Ko – Ta 153 Kenosha Council OA First Flap
OA Lodge 345 White Panther F2 Mint Condition A+++
OA First Flap Wolverine Lodge 501
OA 265 O-Shot-Caw First Flap
Nez Perce 299 F1a First Flap Vigilante Council MT





I was the second to last lodge chief of 299 – have the original flap and the fully em one as well!

By Walter Smith on February 7th, 2019 at 11:36 pm

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