Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 24, 2019

I want to zero in on some of the themes that have come from the responses.  One is that more information should be shared freely in a format that the youth will use. The example of the ISCA paywall and one collectors struggle to actually join the organization (he gave up) was mentioned.  There are lots of ideas in the thread and maybe some of the people most adamant will break some new ground. 

Another solution that any of us can do is to take some collectors under our wings.  Are there a couple of Scouts in your troop/district/chapter/ etc who have shown an interest either through the Jamboree, NOAC or conclave?  Taking time to share information with them and maybe even give them a helpful start with some impossibly good deals would plant the seed.  This idea doesn’t take any knowledge of the Internet or rely on anybody teaming up on a project.

Another idea that I really liked is the reminder that we should display and share our collections.  Find those local and council events where you can set up your stuff and share the knowledge and again plant a seed.  I have not done this nearly enough in the last several years since moving to Charlotte so that one hit home for me.

ny time you get a bunch of collectors on a thread there is going to be plenty of ranting.  Many of those were focused on councils and lodges issuing limited edition fund raising sets and that kinda thing.  That stuff might be out of our control (the Genie is out of the bottle) but that doesn’t mean young collectors can’t get started.  I hope to have some conversations with other collectors over the next weeks (after my trip to Guatemala) and see what can come of it. In the mean time if you have done many of these suggestions (or others) please share.

I have to wrap some presents and go rendezvous with my mom to pick up the kids.  We are looking forward to a very family centered Christmas with just the four of us celebrating together for the first time ever.




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