West Suburban TA-0.6 CSP

This CSP sold on October 24, 2011 for $2452.95 which was WAY over the CSP guide value of $800-$900; and ironically, the regular version T-0.5 with a book value of $1000-$1200 went unsold in December at $439.99 with a Buy-It-Now price of $500.


West Suburban Council CSP T-:6 – Issued 1960 – Illinois – Pre CSP – Rare



I decided to look more carefully at the bidding action to see if this was a bidding war between two individuals or were there a lot of bidders which would justify a higher valuation. Here’s what I found. The bidders and their highest bids are listed below.


m**m $2452.95
a**t $2427.95
o**7 $356.00
a**s $237.37
1**r $207.76
p**8 $200.00


So clearly there were two bidders who really wanted it badly. It seems that a**t put in a bid at $1500, but m**m kept coming back until he beat that number. Then a little back & forth in the last hour until the auction ended. If another one shows up soon, a**t should win it for under $400, right?





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