New Year = New Boy Scout Collection Focus

After having been an Order of the Arrow collector for more than twenty-five years I am turning over a new leaf. For most of my time as a collector and low-level dealer in Boy Scout memorabilia I stuck with what I knew. Growing up I was a Lodge Chief and Section Chief in the OA and that was always my...Read More

Boy Scout Memorabilia Display System For Boxware Frames

This video shares an idea for how to build displays that use the Boxware Frames sold by Chris Jensen over at In preparation for putting together a Boy Scout museum for the 2014 Dixie Fellowship I contracted a carpenter to make an idea I had come to life. Essentially I wanted to be able to vertically display in a...Read More

Boy Scout Memorabilia in an Antique Mall Booth

I know a handful of Boy Scout memorabilia collectors that are using a unique strategy to sell stuff.  They have rented booths in antique malls and set up a "brick and mortar" location.  Now what makes these malls interesting is that for a small consignment fee they will sell your items for you and you don't even need to be...Read More

How Selling On Consignment Can Jump-start Your eBay Business

IT WAS SELLING ON CONSIGNMENT THAT ALLOWED ME TO LAUNCH MY BUSINESS I got my start on eBay in 1998 but like most people that was not the year I started selling. Eventually I did dip my feed in and I can remember after the 2001 Jamboree coming home with some stuff that got listed on eBay. By the time...Read More


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