The Camp Book II – The Definitive Guide To Boy Scout Camps

Bob Sherman, Dave Minnihan, and Kevin Doyle along with dedicated State Editors have been working nearly 20 years to put together this 21st Century update to the original Camp Book. The original book, published in 1993 was a little over 200 pages in length and contained what we knew about BSA camps at that time.  The new Camp Book II...Read More

Awesome Boy Scout Medals & Awards Reference Book

I've just published what I think will be one of the most treasured reference guides in my Prices Realized series.  Vintage Boy Scout award medals such as those issued for saving a life, attaining ranks in Explorers, Sea Scouts, and Air Scouts are among the most competitively collected items in the hobby.  This guide includes 250 listings that include those...Read More

Retired Strip

I was surfing the Scout Stuff website and ran across this Retired strip. It looks like a spoof except it's legit.   Retired-Strip-Emblem   Does this mean you can now wear your highest position patch with a Retired strip under it when you're no longer in the job?  

Teens Era Boy Scout Handbooks & More In This Price Guide

The newest edition in my series of Prices Realized Guides has just been published.  It is available on multiple sales platforms including as an instant download ($4.99) as a cd mailed to you ($6.99 on eBay) and as a full color printed and bound book shipped to you ($15.99 on eBay).  In the Boy Scout memorabilia collecting hobby there really...Read More

Boy Scout Memorabilia – Loving Vintage Felt Patches

The first week of June saw several nice items sell in the Boy Scout category of eBay.  The very best was this World Jamboree flash that would have been worn by Boy Scouts of America youth in Troop 6.  This flash is one of the best I've seen in terms of condition which is saying something considering it was issued...Read More

Rare Jamboree Boy Scout Collectibles

I have checked and you won't see a better National Jamboree item sell then the Boy Scout 1935 Jamboree National Staff Neckerchief.  The neckerchief was created prior to the first National Jamboree scheduled on 1935 however the gathering was moved two years due to a polio epidemic. During the 1937 Jamboree the same neckerchief was used.  This item is in...Read More

eBay Drops Another Nuke On Sellers

  I've talked on my radio show about how eBay policies will impact buyers and sellers in the category.In a recent episode I talked about the crushing fees that led to me closing my eBay store and totally changing my selling strategy.  That show was Scouting Hot Finds Radio: How To Sell Your Boy Scout Patches. There is a one...Read More

Eagle Scout Medal: A Rare Hot Pick of the Month

This T.H. Foley Eagle Scout Medal - THF (s1-p0) 1912-1915 is the hottest item sold this month of May.  There is some question as to whether the one that sold on eBay recently was actually an authentic T.H. Foley.  However the bidder purchased this item for only $2740 with 15 bids so it was pretty nice regardless. Eagle Scout is...Read More

Old Pre-Fdl Catawba Lodge 459 Flaps Are Going to Put On A Show

I am one of many Carolina collectors who have lots of Catawba flaps but need some of the pre-fdl issues from the lodge in Charlotte, NC. eBay seller jjkyota has these great pieces up and wouldn't you know it within less than 24 hours they got up to over $200 and six bids. I will be one of many following...Read More

How Did I Miss This White Panther?

Every so often when I am writing the Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter I totally miss out on some really key pieces that should have made it in there. Case in point today is a White Panther Lodge 345 F2 that was selling on eBay and didn't make it into the Hot Finds. White Panther is one of those famously hard...Read More

Oh No! Here Come the 2012 NOAC Delegates

It had to happen sooner or later. Now that June is almost here you are starting to see the listings pop up for the "rare" delegate issues for this summer's National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC). As many of you know these NOAC delegate patches are usually issued in a very limited supply such as 2 per delegate so...Read More

How much is a stand worth?

I have a good friend who broke his stained glass eagle picture one day by knocking it off its little wooden stand. His parents gave it to him when he got his Eagle Scout badge back in the late 1980s and ever since then he has wanted to replace this item. The listing I spotted on eBay has exactly what...Read More

Boy Scout Memorabilia Prices Realized Guide Council Insignia

Collectors, there's one central question when trying to buy, sell, or trade Boy Scout memorabilia...What is it worth? But what if there was a Prices Realized Guide that contained thousands of images, descriptions, and all historical data? What if there was a guide written just for you that contained hundreds of the best items known to have sold in your...Read More

Boy Scouts of America Equipment Top 5

Every issue of the Hot Finds includes numerous items that you could call BSA equipment.  Knives are among the most popular items but you also see lots of axes, hatchets, bugles, and even the occasional tent.  This blog post highlights some of the recent big sellers in that small niche in the Scouting memorabilia hobby. Item Title - Click To...Read More

Scouting Hot Finds Best Boy Scout Memorabilia Top 10 Episode 27

When you click to watch the video you will need to hit the button to view it "full screen" otherwise it will be hard to make out the details on the Top 10 auctions. I have included links to all the Top 10 auctions on this show notes page so that after you watch the video if you want to...Read More

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