Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 08, 2019

Tonight at 7 PM Eastern I am going to run a new live sale video on Facebook.  Thank you to several collectors who sent feedback on the first attempt at this new feature.  I'm trying to incorporate those ideas into this new sale.  For starters I'm doing it at a time that should be much more convenient for most collectors to...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 01, 2019

Why am I asking collectors to preregister for a sale?  The way the live video works is that as I'm going through the items as soon as I show you the item and state the item number whoever is first to comment that the item is SOLD then takes that patch off the shelf and puts it in their shopping...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 29, 2019

The idea for this new strategy came from my unboxing videos. Normally, as I crack open a collection and pull items out people send me messages asking to purchase certain items that they spot.  But I wasn't really set up for that and typically the items got sorted into boxes and put on a shelf.  Now I'll be able to sell the items...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 22, 2019

One of my shticks was doing an unboxing video live from the podium.  I was trying to give the crowd a sense of what I do.  The collection was from a Scout who attended Philmont in the 1960s.  Turns out a pair of Eagle Scout brothers had spoken just prior to me and remarked how hiking at Philmont was the highlight...Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 19, 2019

At last night's den meeting we had a CMP Sergeant come talk with the Webelos about the role of first responders and how the 911 system works.  Have you ever seen the questions a bunch of 10 year old boys can ask a police officer?  Luckily none of them asked to see his taser or service firearm.  Mine is the...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 15, 2019

This afternoon we are pushing off for our first serious back packing trip as a troop.  I confess that this is something I've never done before so I'm anxious and excited.  We are only going to cover maybe 10 miles over two days so it's not going to be crazy.  We've spent two meetings going over equipment and special situations...Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 12, 2019

My Facebook feed has been blowing up with news about camps being closed.  On one of the Girl Scout groups there is a thread that suggests that since 2005 the GSofUSA has had a corporate plan to divest camp properties.  Then in the last day or so news broke that the Chief Logan Reservation in Ohio might be on the...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 10, 2019

I shut down a page on Facebook that I had set up with the intention of selling Scout uniform shirts on.  I had dabbled with finding a supplier of recycled Scout shirts but mostly was looking to sell the tubs full of perfectly serviceable uniforms I already have.  So instead I'll be selling them locally in my antique mall and...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 08, 2019

Last night we had one of the most entertaining lectures I've ever seen a Scoutmaster give.  To prepare for an upcoming back packing trip he did a presentation about cat holes.  The girls got so sidetracked talking about what to do if a Bobcat tried to attack you while your pants were down to your ankles doing the oragutan hang....Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 05, 2019

When I told my wife about this night during the dog walk her first question was how much does that cost.  YES that's the sticking point folks. To have that many items listed on eBay it costs me $600 before I've sold the first patch.  OUCH!  No wonder this is not something that many other dealers are willing to run...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 03, 2019

Yesterday I picked up over 1,000 neckerchiefs that are scanned and ready to list. Turns out one of my old employees lives and works in Charlotte now.  So sometimes she will take a batch of stuff off my hands and process it for listing.  This stash includes about every neckerchief I had in my warehouse from OA to camps and...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 27, 2019

My wife has struggled for 21 years of marriage to understand why I always put the OA fellowship of my boyhood lodge on the family calendar.  Year after year although many of my old buddies had stopped going I made the pilgrimage to Camp Coker to at least eat a meal and visit with people during Santee fellowships.  But eventually...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 25, 2019

My big news this week is that I've rolled out another new product on the Best Hobby Pages website.  This is a large format 11x17" binder with a plastic shell cover.  This product was popular a few years ago but the supply dried up.  So I went out and sourced a large order and am now offering them on my store.  Watch...Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 22, 2019

It's a sad day when you see that one of your favorite patches has been faked and is on eBay for sale.  Whoever did this got the details pretty close (well except for missing a rolled edge border).  If you click through and look at the back however that is a huge giveaway.  There is really no way to stop...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 20, 2019

For the first time in probably 20 years I've been asked to be the speaker at a Scout dinner. This is a small group in Columbia but it's got me thinking about how I can bring in Scouting memorabilia to help illustrate the story.  I think when you look at insignia, merit badges and Eagle medals that really tells a...Read More

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