Eagle Scout Collection Unboxing With Den 9

When I got a call from a man in Georgia who wanted to sell a collection of Eagle Scout medals it was exciting. However, when he told me the full story I had to pause. His son was an Eagle Scout and this collection was something they were working on together with plans to help others by sharing it. Sadly...Read More

1937 National Jamboree Boy Scout Collection Unboxing

I often hear from family members who have a relatives collection that needs a new home. Perhaps nobody in the family has a connection to Scouting and they can't just dispose of it with the sentimental value attached. This collection unboxing is from the family of a Scout who attended the 1937 National Jamboree as a kid from New Jersey....Read More

Blind Trade! Council Issued Jamboree Shoulder Patches

The view from my last blind trade. Every pile has a name on it and I go through sorting until everything is swapped around. Now that the Jamboree is a memory do you have some leftover JSPs that are sitting there?  A blind trade is a perfect way to take your dupes and shuffle them around...Read More

Boy Scout Memorabilia Antique Mall Booth Video Tour

Come check out my Scouting antique mall booth in Charlotte, NC at the Sleepy Poet Antique Mall.  You can find all the details at www.SanteeswapperStore.com. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them here.  I appreciate your feedback and ideas.

Boy Scout Collection Unboxing Video The Campfire Blanket

The Santeeswapper back with another unboxing video. This time I got in a collection of 3 flat rate boxes stuffed with uniforms. This looks to come out of the collection of a Scouter who live around Pittsburgh in the 1970s. There is one item in this collection that I was especially looking forward to receiving. Watch the video and see...Read More

Besthobbypages.com – Got Plastic? We Do!

The project I've been keeping under wraps finally broke with an email sent out yesterday to over 1000 Best Hobby Pages customers from Joe Klos.  Here is the text of the email.  It is my pleasure to let you know that our new star, Jason Spangler, is now in charge of online order receiving and shipping. As founder of Santee...Read More

Boy Scout Collection Unboxing Video – Illinois Trunk Collection

UPDATE: ALL OF THE ITEMS INCLUDED IN THIS VIDEO ARE FOR SALE ON MY WEBSITE UNDER THE CATEGORY IL TRUNK COLLECTION In this unboxing video I share the surprise of what's in the box! This collection from Illinois came from an estate and includes many items from W.D. Boyce Council and OA Lodge #23. Of course there are some surprises...Read More

Important 2017 National Scout Jamboree Patch Trading Rules for Visitors

To: All Jamboree Visitors From: Chris Jensen, 2017 NJ Patch Trading Staff Team Leader. If you are visiting the jamboree to trade patches please understand the the following: 1. You will be riding a bus into the jamboree that will be packed pretty tight.  So bring in a modest sized pack that you can sit in your lap.  Be courteous...Read More

Behind the Scene In The Boy Scout Patch Cave

Come down into the Patch Cave and see my idea for how I can hold myself accountable for going through boxes of Boy Scout memorabilia that I have accumulated over the years buying Boy Scout collections.  My daunting task is that I have totes full of "scout stuff" stacked everywhere in my basement and I have to start making my...Read More

PA Collection is a Scouting Time Capsule from the 1950s

This Boy Scout collection is a real time capsule. The Scouter that it came from was very active in PA especially the town of Pottsdown in the 1950s. He worked on camp staff for several years at Camp Delmont including serving as the 1959 Chaplain before embarking on a long career in ministry. Although I've pulled a few things from...Read More

Patch Trading Policy at the 2017 National Boy Scout Jamboree

In this short video I recap the details shared by Russell Smart the 2017 National Scout Jamboree Program Group Chairman in our interview regarding patch trading at the event. If you would like to listen to the entire episode of Scouting Hot Finds Radio and hear additional details about the program changes for the Jamboree please visit my website at...Read More

East Carolina Council 2017 National Jamboree JSP Patch Set

First sold in April 2016 this set honors the military installations located within the council territory. 600 of each patch were sold as a set of 3. If you have other images of 2017 Jamboree issues send them over and I'll post them on the site with credits. Thanks!

Collecting Senior Scouting Memorabilia

This year I am making the break from being an Order of the Arrow collector and I’m getting into some areas of collecting that I think of as the classics. Things like insignia such as old rank, position patches and especially merit badges.  But perhaps my favorite is starting up a collection focused on Senior Scouting.  Now that’s not a...Read More

The Infamous Apple Bag From the 1985 National Boy Scout Jamboree

I was 15 years old when I went to the '85 National Jamboree. Already a bit of a trader, I was carrying my swapping stock in a small black suitcase that I'd stuck a sheet of Jambo stickers on. Shortly after the Jamboree began, I remember seeing guys walking around with these cool grey shoulder bags filled with their patches....Read More

United Confederate Veterans Atlanta Reunion October 1919

I got this message from a Scouter named Robert Thomas in Alabama.  I thought it was a neat piece with a bit of history so I thought I'd share.  Of course if you can help him his email is: thomases@bellsouth.net I am a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and a Scouter and am looking for a Boy Scout...Read More

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