SHF Radio Radio #70: Social Media Selling Strategy w/Nick Wolf

The last several episodes of Scouting Hot Finds Radio have focused on unique strategies that people in the hobby of collecting Boy Scout memorabilia have used to feed their habit. Today's episode of the podcast takes the question to one of the young guns in the hobby Nick Wolf of the Connecticut Yankee Council and Owaneco Lodge 313. Nicknamed the...Read More

SHF Radio #69: Going Hunting For Rare Books & Memorabilia w/Richard Mori

Richard Mori has been collecting Scouting memorabilia and specializing in rare books for many years.  In this interview he reveals a strategy for success that he feels confident nobody can duplicate.  What is really interesting about the way that Richard makes money in the hobby of collecting Boy Scout and Girl Scout memorabilia is that he does it the old...Read More

SHF Radio #68: Antique Mall Selling Strategy for Scout Memorabilia w/Todd Kelly

When the Boy Scouts of America announced they would be building a permanent Jamboree site in the hills of West Virginia Todd Kelly started making some trips to the "Mountain State" to scope out locations for a Trade-O-Ree. One of the results of that venture was deciding to rent out a booth in two different antique malls in nearby Beckley,...Read More

SHF Radio #67: Selling Consignment on eBay Interview W/ Powerseller Angi Diller

JUMP-START YOUR EBAY BUSINESS BY SELLING ON CONSIGNMENT Her eBay user ID was a perfect choice several years ago - my_real_job_is_tattoos.  Ironically as her eBay business grew she was able to leave behind that "real job" and make a full time living as a work from home eBay Powerseller.  Angie Diller is my guest on Scouting Hot Finds Radio and...Read More

SHF Radio #66: 2015 National OA Conference NOAC Trade-O-Ree with Chris Jensen

Scouting Hot Finds Radio Boy Scout Memorabilia Podcast Chris Jensen of Streamwood Inc. has been in the Boy Scout memorabilia hobby since the 1960s and as a full-time memorabilia dealer he has hosted more than forty trade-o-rees including ones for the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC). In August of 2015 the Order of the Arrow will be holding...Read More

SHF Radio: Collecting Boy Scout Camp Patches With Bob Sherman CBIIV2 (2014)

    My guest on Scouting Hot Finds Radio is Bob Sherman who is a well known figure in the hobby of collecting Boy Scout memorabilia.  Some have taken to calling him the "camp patch man" as he has been writing the camp patch column in the ISCA Journal for a whopping 22 years now.  The focus of our interview...Read More

SHF Radio: Building A BSA Council Memorabilia Website w/ Boyd Williams

Rocky Top Collector When Boyd Williams attended the 1981 National Boy Scout Jamboree and traded a few patches he probably never thought he'd eventually become one of the well-known collectors in Tennessee.  However, after moving back home to Franklin, Tennessee in 1994 and getting back active in Scouting he soon caught the patch collecting bug.  As an active Scouter in...Read More

SHF Radio: Collecting BSA Cancer Awareness Patches

Justin Carlisle began collecting Boy Scout cancer awareness patches about the time that his Order of the Arrow chapter issued a patch to help raise funds for the local chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation in Greenville, SC. Soon he discovered that several OA lodges had produced memorabilia to help find a cure for cancer and he was hooked....Read More

SHF Radio: Scouting History on Wheels with John Sorensen of GSLC in Utah

During the centennial of the Boy Scouts of America in 2010 John Soresen got the idea to create a traveling display that he calls Scouting History on Wheels.  In my interview with him today John shares the story of how he put together the display and what he is trying to share with the audience.  Perhaps the most unique thing...Read More

SHF Radio: 5,000 Members & Climbing in Scout Patch Collectors

Brad England and I literally launched the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook as a direct result of this radio show two years ago. I noticed Brad swapping Boy Scout patches on Facebook and lined him up on an interview to share his strategy. Out of that conversation was born the idea to create a group on Facebook devoted to trading patches...Read More

Scouting Hot Finds Radio: Scout Patch Collectors Base Camp

For more than a decade the Scout Patch Collectors Base Camp has been the go to reference directory for those interested in Scouting memorabilia. Glenn Chase is my guest tonight and I consider him to be one of the Internet pioneers of the hobby. As the curator of the base camp since it launched he has probably seen every patch...Read More

SHF Radio: Boy Scout Council Memorabilia Display

When Gary Beadle looked up at the tall pine paneled wall of the Gulf Coast Council BSA Scout office he had an inspiration. Why not decorate the beautiful wall with a true council collection of memorabilia. He pitched the idea to the council board and Scout executive who were more than happy for him to undertake the project to commemorate...Read More

SHF Radio: Collecting Roadblock – the BSA’s Project S.O.A.R.

Ted Thompson was like many Boy Scout memorabilia collectors when he ran up against a collecting roadblock about five years ago. His main interest was council shoulder strips but when he got down to a final list of the twenty-five toughies he had to come up with something new to pursue to keep his passion for the hobby going. He...Read More

SHF Radio: Looking Back and Ahead – Wrapping up 2013

Boy Scout memorabilia collectors in this episode of Scouting Hot Finds Radio I wrap up 2013 and look to new projects in 2014.  Over the course of the year there have been 18 episodes of the show published with interviews from interesting people in the hobby such as Russell Smart, Chris Jensen, Deryl Radder and more.  Some of my web...Read More

SHF Radio: Order of the Arrow Blue Book 2.0 With Roy More

The effort to catalog and describe all known Order of the Arrow issues has been ongoing since the 1950s.  Many old collectors will remember the Bill Price books that had a picture of each flap and attempted to describe the restrictions.  David Leubitz had a book – the original Blue Book that tried to catalog the issues and introduced the...Read More

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