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SHF Radio: Looking Back and Ahead – Wrapping up 2013

Boy Scout memorabilia collectors in this episode of Scouting Hot Finds Radio I wrap up 2013 and look to new projects in 2014.  Over the course of the year there have been 18 episodes of the show published with interviews from interesting people in the hobby such as Russell Smart, Chris Jensen, Deryl Radder and …

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Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 12, 2019

My Facebook feed has been blowing up with news about camps being closed.  On one of the Girl Scout groups there is a thread that suggests that since 2005 the GSofUSA has had a corporate plan to divest camp properties.  Then in the last day or so news broke that the Chief Logan Reservation in …

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Best OA on eBay

Here is a selection of the best OA items that sold on eBay recently. Are any of these surprises to you? I sure would like to know on the lodge 470 X what a “Great Find” is??   OA 83 S22 – Allogagan Lodge 83, Rare Lodge Chief Issue   1959 Area 6-E Area Conference …

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Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 29, 2016

  All week I’ve been at the Twin Rivers Campground up in the mountains of NC. We’ve been tubbing down the river, swimming in the river and cooking up a storm. My kids have been in heaven and the real fun is this weekend when they expect more than 100 VW buses to be in …

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