Are the big Boy Scout Memorabilia dealers abandoning eBay?

Low Sell Through Rate In the Boy Scout Category

I had an interesting email conversation with Chris Jensen at Streamwood which made me think about where our beloved Scouting category is headed. I asked Chris why I had not seen any items listed from him in a number of months. He responded that nearly 50% of his items didn’t attract bids. That was leading to about 20% of his sales $ being eaten up by fees. So he abandoned large scale listing on eBay and is concentrating on his website. Chris noted that he has put thousands of additional items on his site located at

A few years later I followed Chris’s idea and created my own off eBay Store. You can find it today at It has always been a challenge to drive traffic to the store and so my main focus remains on eBay.

This post was originally published in January of 2006. Many changes have happened in the Boy Scout category over the last 15 years but I can honestly say this statistic continued to lag. I am constantly running eBay auctions in my store and over 90% of them fail to get a bid. Now whether that is from my minimum bids being too high (maybe?) or from just too many items in the market. I am thinking it’s the later as there are currently 400k items in the Boy Scout category of eBay.




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