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Muscogee Lodge Prototype Chenille

The TSPA has acquired a lot of prototype chenilles from various lodges and many are starting at the reasonable price of $199.99 considering many of these are one of a kind items and usually sought after by the diehard collector of that particular lodge to have the ultimate collection of his/her lodge or to put in their lodges display of history through cloth and other memorabilia.


With that said it appears that the Southern Lodge Muscogee Lodge #221 has several diehard collectors pushing the envelope to over $1000.00 already with still 5 days out on the auctions.


It seems a little strange to me that the company would still have these because we have auctioned off in the past the prototypes to our C-3 chenille before and here is another of it available. Apparently the company made several prototypes of our chenilles and now the true collectors are coming out of the woodworks to try and capture a truly rare piece for their collection.


Check these auctions before they end and maybe you may find your lodge or one in your section available for a steal of a deal and may be great trading fodder later down the road.




After the dust settled on the three prototype chenilles it is very evident that there are some serious collectors of Muscogee Lodge #221.

the c-3 chenille in a red border brought home $3,951.00

The other two chenilles were prototypes of the ceremonies chenille and brought home $2,419.89 and the other $3,051.00

They brought home way more than i thought they would but that just makes me proud to be a FOX! A Muscogee Lodge Vigil Honor FOX!

By mopar73mopar on July 23rd, 2007 at 8:30 pm

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