If Only It was Crispy White!

I got a nomination from Ted Thompson for the Big Jim Award that was too good to pass up. For those who are new to the site let me tell you that we hand out this honorary award to eBay listings where the asking price is multiple times outrageous as compared to what it would actually sell for. Ted spotted this mug for sale and I agree that even with free shipping its far from a bargain. But if only it wasn’t all stained and yellow!

Boy Scouts of America Coffee Mug Project Soar 1971


Yes, it may be $39.95, but considering it’s the 1971 version with counterclockwise arrows and the gold rim makes it quite special. The seller has another interesting item, a 1925 membership card signed by Scoutmaster Arthur “Pie” Myer, California’s first Eagle Scout, and Raymond O. Hanson, San Francisco Scout Exec and founder of the Knights of Dunamis. Only $99.95 and I know someone who might actually pay that!

Tri Fold Membership Card signed 1st California Eagle Scout Arthur Pie Myer

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