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Item # Description Minimum Bid Sold For Picture Link
1 1935 BSA National Jamboree pocket patch, very slight use, only a couple of moth bites near edge, excellent white color, near mint. Original issue, not fake. 200 n/a NOACTOR-1
2 duplicate listing NOACTOR-2
3 1937 BSA National Jamboree Guide neckerchief. Navy on yellow, full square, excellent used condition. Rarest of the NJ neckerchiefs for the visitor guide staff. 350 350 NOACTOR-3
4 1950 National Jamboree, Region 8 flag, size 58 x 96″. Near mint. Stamped, “Activities Service” on grommet edge. Cotton bunting. Near mint condition. 150 375 NOACTOR-4
5 1957 BSA National Jamboree troop 11 flag. Grayback Council, California. Some yellowing (and light staining that would likely come out if it were dry cleaned). Very little fraying on bottom edge. 53 x 63″ cotton bunting. 200 n/a NOACTOR-5
6 1960 BSA National Jamboree 10 piece collection. Leather, neckerchief, Fiftieth Anniversary Achievement Award, jacket patch, Philmont Scout Ranch, Schiff Scout Reservation, Jubilee Field Day, National Jamboree, Jubilee Camporee, and Cub Scout Jubilee patches. This is the 50th Anniversary stuff…. Get ready for the 100th Anniversary next year! 250 n/a NOACTOR-6
7 1960 BSA National Jamboree troop flag. Troop 77, Chicago Council, Illinois. Perfect condition, 100% cotton. Obviously never flown. 150 150 NOACTOR-7
8 1969 BSA National Jamboree medical staff patches. Two different varieties – yellow or gold border. Issued in 1969 for the doctors working on staff. Both patches are cut edge, with cadeusus, mint condition. 200 200 NOACTOR-8
9 1981 BSA National Jamboree patch collection. Official participant patch, Medical Staff patch, and twill background prototype made by the BSA in 1978. All patches in mint condition. 100 150 NOACTOR-9
10 2001 BSA National Jamboree Istrouma Area Council framed patch set. 9 jamboree shoulder patches, 9 troop number patches, OA Lodge 479 flap, and Jambo gumbo patch. Mounted and framed under glass. Signed by artist #39/42 made. 100 100 NOACTOR-10
11 1920 World Jamboree Boy Scouts of America contingent panoramic photo. 10×50″ photo size, Mounted and framed under glass. Photo taken “Under Mulberry Tree at Mildmay Park, Long, July 1920″. Photo has some creases from where the photo had been rolled in storage for more than 80 years, but otherwise in very good condition. Great image of the BSA contingent to the very first world jamboree in England. 500 n/a NOACTOR-11
12 1937 World Jamboree official participants patch. Orange bar on top. Very good condition, some soiling. 400 575 NOACTOR-12
13 Fenimore Cooper Council, Westchester County, NY council flag. This 1920’s era flag is considered a parade flag or indoor show flag because of its gold edge fringe. This council existed from 1922-51, and then merged to become the Washington Irving Council. Flag is 54 x 66″, wool material. Some damage and holes, but still a nice addition to any collection of BSA NY memorabilia. 100 n/a NOACTOR-13
14 Game of Scouting. Milton Bradley, circa 1920’s box game. All 52 cards and instructions included. Excellent condition, minor soil smudging on box. 100 n/a NOACTOR-14
15 Georgetown, NY Troop 1 flag. Circa 1920’s. 21 x 35″, swallowtail style flag probably made by troop members. Fair condition. 100 n/a NOACTOR-15
16 Lone Scout Pin collection. 10 different pins, all in excellent condition. First Degree, Second Degree, third Degree, WLS Radio Tribe (marked on back “Compliments of Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago”), Lone Scout “Do a useful Thing Each Day” pin, Lone Scouts of America logo superimposed over arrowhead, LSB pin, Sagamore Lodge LSA, Totem Pole Lodge LSA, Helping to Win the War (WWI) LSA Gardening award pin. 350 450 NOACTOR-16
17 Red/White community strip, “COL DUBLAN” half strip, and “CHIH” quarter strip. These patches were issued in the 1950’s-60’s for Boy Scouts of America Scouts in Colonia Dublan, Chihuahua, Mexico. This is the town that US General Pershing went to find Pancho Villa in 1916. 100 225 NOACTOR-17
18 1931 Region 3 Jamboree panoramic photo. 10×36″ photo size. Photo is in very good condition, with only a couple of creases or ink stains. Title on photo, “White House Reception by President Hoover to the Region Three Jamboree, Boy Scouts of America, Washington, D.C., June 19, 1931″. 175 n/a NOACTOR-18
19 1941 BSA Los Angeles (CA.) shirt. Long sleeve, with collar, metal buttons, tan cotton, size 15 (approximate). Life Scout full square patch, Los Angeles red/tan community strip, 182 one piece felt unit number, SPL full square patch on tan cotton, wolf black/red felt patrol patch with B.S.A., blue embroidered “E” patch on white felt, “1941 E” patch white on orange sateen, 2.5″ round felt patch “On the Scouting Trail, KFI BSA”, “CSS” strip on left sleeve cuff. Very good condition, small stain below fourth button on front of shirt. 100 150 NOACTOR-19
20 1946 Region 7 Scout Executives Conference panoramic photo. 10×34″ photo size. Archival mounted and framed. Excellent condition, some small creases where the photo had been rolled for more than 60 years. 125 n/a NOACTOR-20
21 Boy Scouts of America, Third Liberty Loan Campaign (WWI) War Bonds poster. Artist – Leyendecker. This is one of the most famous of all Boy Scout posters. It has a repaired tear that is not very visible. This poster is an original, as issued in 1918, in excellent condition. It is NOT a reprint. 100 250 NOACTOR-21
22 Boy Scouts of America poster, circa 1930’s. Smiling scout in campaign hat. “Character Development, Americanization, Citizenship Training, Do a Good Turn Daily”. Printed by H. Gamse & Brothers Lithography, Baltimore, MD. Original print, not a reproduction. Tear on bottom of print. Good color. Framed. 100 100 NOACTOR-22
23 Two different Greater Boston Federation, BSA World War I posters. “Answer the Call, Will You Do Your Part? $60,000 Campaign”, and “Behold the boy of yesterday, your protector of to-day”. Each poster is 14 x 21″ size, excellent condition. Custom Framed under glass. 150 200 NOACTOR-23
24 White Cover merit badge pamphlets. Pottery, copyright 1919, fragile condition – fold beginning to tear, 30 pages. Craftsmanship in Cement, copyright 1920, very good condition, 21 pages. Safety First, copyright 1920, (cover only). Swimming, copyright 1920, (cover only). 100 n/a NOACTOR-24
25 Yonkers Council, Yonkers, N.Y. flag. 35 x 55″, all wool bunting. Lettering and design is white wool edge embroidered onto the flag body. Fair-Good condition, some edge fray and small holes, some sun fading. Yonkers Council existed from 1915-54. This flag is circa 1920’s. 100 n/a NOACTOR-25
26 Robert Baden Powell original autograph. Framed with lithographed portrait of him. 100 175 NOACTOR-26
27 BSA 1930’s-40’s West Point, (GA.) uniform shirt and sash. Three different silkscreened felt camp patches, “Chattahoochee Area Camp” very good condition patches. Yellow felt patch has several small moth bites, green felt patch has a couple of moth bites on the edge, and the red felt patch is near mint. Square troop 3 patch has moth bites. SPL patch is on tan full square. Sash has 21 crimped edge merit badges, full square life patch is just barely tacked on. Shirt is unwashed, size 14 1/2, long sleeved, tan cotton with collar. Sash also has tenderfoot, second class, first class and star pins attached. Rarest of the merit badges included is the blue background Aeronautics. 250 250 NOACTOR-27
28 BSA Compass. Circa 1918, pocket watch style compass. OD Green color outside, marked “SWISS” on inside of lid cover. Push button near fob ring releases the cover. Appears to be silver or silver plated on the inside. A nice quality compass made for the BSA. Rare design. Marked on compass face, “Pat. Jan. 8, 1918, Taylor – Rochester, NY., USA”. Inside mint condition, outside has some paint worn off. 100 125 NOACTOR-28
29 Child’s easel and blackboard, with paper scroll on top. On the scroll are many home schooling lessons of history, art, geography, and many other topics….. Including a scenes and instructions of “How to Become a Scout”, “U.S. Signal Code (semaphores) Used by Boy Scouts”, “Scout Oath, Law, and Motto”, and “Boy Scout Knots”. Scroll is copyright 1928. Very good condition. Missing original cord that kept the easel legs spaced apart. 150 n/a NOACTOR-29
30 Complete set of 14 Boy Scout Oath and Law Postcards. Copyright 1913. Marked, The only BOY SCOUTS POST CARDS authorized by the Natinal Council of the “Boy Scouts of America”, The Henry Heininger Co., Official Pub., N.Y.”. Cards included – Trustworthy (unused), Loyal (postmarked), Helpful (unused), Friendly (postmarked 1914), Courteous (unused), Kind (postmarked 1913), Obedient (unused), Cheerful (unused), Thrifty (unused), Brave (unused), Clean (unused), Reverent (unused), Scout Oath card (unused), Scout Law card (unused). 200 325 NOACTOR-30
31 Detroit Council Camp Brady patches. All 12 of these patches were originally sewn onto a merit badge sash that had only full square merit badges on it (circa 1924-34). Camp Brady was owned by the Detroit Council from 1926-46. This collection could very well be the best collection of Brady items known to exist. All of these patches are in near mint condition. Note one of the patches could very well be considered a Camp Brady band patch, and the other could be a Camp Brady waterfront staff patch. Very Rare. 500 600 NOACTOR-31
32 Maine High Adventure Base collection. 10 different jacket patches. 9 mint, Maine National High Adventure Gateway patch is used. 100 100 NOACTOR-32
33 Maine High Adventure Base collection. 4 different Matagamon and 3 different Seboomook patches. Mint condition. 100 175 NOACTOR-33
34 Philmont “BAR P2K”Arrowhead trek patch. Issued for trek participants in the year 2000. 100 150 NOACTOR-34
35 Philmont Arrowhead patches – 9 different. Staff patch, cloth back. Staff patch, plastic back. “50″ year patch issued 1988-89 to commemorate the 50 years after the property had been donated and 50 years of BSA use. 2 different varieties of clot back arrowheads. 4 different varieties of plastic backed arrowheads. 125 150 NOACTOR-35
36 Philmont Junior Leader Training patches. USA shape Jr. Leader Training embroidered on red felt patch (issued 1949-53), National Junior Leader Instructor Training Camp shield shape with button loop (1963 issue), National Troop Leader Development shield shape patch (1973-74 issue). All mint condition. 200 200 NOACTOR-36
37 Philmont leather collection – 10 different. 4 varieties of the Nature Award (indian head shape). 50 Years of Adventure round. 1978 Philmont L.D. Task Group (woodbadge logo). 2 different 3″ round leathers. 2 different 4.75″ round leathers. All patches mint, except for one of the nature award leathers which has small stitch holes around the edge. 100 100 NOACTOR-37
38 Philmont neckerchief slide collection. 24 different slides. 15 plaster, 8 metal, and one plastic resin. 100 n/a NOACTOR-38
39 Philturn patch. Issued by Philmont Scout Ranch 1940-42. Used, very good condition. 250 325 NOACTOR-39
40 Regioin 7 Canoe Base collection. 15 different Region 7 and Northern Wisconsin Canoe base patches. All have mint fronts, 3 have small glue marks on back. 100 325 NOACTOR-40
41 Region 7 Canoe base rectangle patches. First red rectangle leaders patch (1948 issue), and two different rectangle patches (undocumented). These two previously undocumented white rectangle patches came from the collection of Dick Dutcher (through his daughter, Judy Callow). Dick was the Base Director from 1980-82. 125 175 NOACTOR-41
42 Region 7 Scout Landing patch, (later renamed Region 7 Canoe Base). Issued 1940’s. excellent condition 100 375 NOACTOR-42
43 Seabase patch collection. 6 patches – Adult Leader, 10th Anniversary, Staff, 1998 year of the Ocean, blue twill background round with red fdl, fully embroidered round with red fdl. 100 n/a NOACTOR-43
44 1960’s patch vest. 26 flaps, 2 conclaves, 4 Koshare, and other neat patches. Includes 509 F1, 509 S1, 509 – 1965 fellowship, 245 S1, 110 Pokagon S4, 309 Quanopin F1, 203 F4, Area 1C 1966 patch, and more. Clean vest and patches, all loosely hand sewn on the vest. 200 275 NOACTOR-44
45 1977 National OA Conference panoramic photo. 10×45″ photo size. Perfect condition. Archival mounted and framed. 100 100 NOACTOR-45
46 Arrowcorps5 collection – 12 items. Bridger-Teton Staff patch, Shasta-Trinity staff patch, George Washington and Jefferson National Forests staff patch, Mark Twain National Forest staff patch, US Forest Service Thanks rectangle patch, South Region AC5 patch, US Forest Service 3″ round patch, ArrowCorps5 arrowhead shape participant patch, George Washington & Jefferson National Forest rectangle segment patch, AC5 carabiner, two different George Washington and Jefferson National Forests pins. 150 n/a NOACTOR-46
47 OA Lodge 1 Unami, J.E. Caldwell sterling silver brotherhood pin. Includes two Lefax pages for scout and scouter election procedures. Circa 1930’s-40’s. Excellent condition pin. Pages have some wear marks and a little fading of color. 500 875 NOACTOR-47
48 OA Lodge 38 Inali J1 jacket patch. Used condition. 100 100 NOACTOR-48
49 OA Lodge 46 Eriez N4a neckerchief. Circa 1950’s ordeal issue. Lodge merged 1972. Washed, excellent condition. 100 n/a NOACTOR-49
50 OA Lodge 57 Kiasutha Neckerchief. Rare, NOT previously cataloged in Bluebook. Lodge merged in 1993. Never washed or worn, but dirt stain on fold, and tape mark on back of neckerchief. 100 250 NOACTOR-50
51 OA Lodge 73 Sinawa P1 patch on white neckerchief. Neckerchief was issued 1/life. Lodge merged 1974. Mint condition. 1000 n/a NOACTOR-51
52 OA Lodge 73 Sinawa R5 patch (red base material). Patch ssued 1953. Lodge merged 1974. Mint condition. 100 125 NOACTOR-52
53 OA Lodge 96 Tom Kita Chara S1b. Non-event FIRST FLAP. Dark brown deer, tops of W’s form arc; tags from name to border. Used condition. 150 250 NOACTOR-53
54 OA Lodge 102 Miramichi S3a. 1960’s issue patch. Merged 1994. Mint, crisp condition. 100 n/a NOACTOR-54
55 OA Lodge 116 Santee jacket patch collection. 116 J1 (twill background), 116 J2 (fully embroidered), 116 J3 (1938-1998). 125 325 NOACTOR-55
56 OA Lodge 120 Ne Con Che Moka S1. Lodge merged 1968. Mint crisp condition. 100 150 NOACTOR-56
57 OA Lodge 146 Tichora S1 flap. Red brown pine cone. Non event FIRST FLAP (issued late 1950’s). Lodge merged 2006. Discretely repaired right border edge, patch is still mint crisp condition. 150 225 NOACTOR-57
58 OA Lodge 181 Mahikan A1. Lodge merged 1963. Mint front, small black paper marks on back. 100 100 NOACTOR-58
59 OA Lodge 202 Chicksa YS? Computer design version of S11, stamped “SAMPLE” on back. 100 n/a NOACTOR-59
60 OA Lodge 210 Adjudimo C2. NOAC 1979 chenille. No manufacturer label. Mint condition. 100 100 NOACTOR-60
61 OA Lodge 226 Chemokemon F1a (light gray head). FIRST FLAP. Lodge merged in 2006. Mint Crisp condition. 150 300 NOACTOR-61
62 OA Lodge 226 Manquzet F1b. FIRST FLAP. Merged 1965. Mint crisp condition. 500 525 NOACTOR-62
63 OA Lodge 226 Manquzet F2. Merged 1965. Mint crisp condition. 400 400 NOACTOR-63
64 OA Lodge 231 Mikano F1a. FIRST FLAP. 1950′S issue. Mint Crisp condition. 125 400 NOACTOR-64
65 OA Lodge 233 Wa-Zi-Ya-Ta F1a. FIRST FLAP. Lodge merged 1974. Mint condition. 500 n/a NOACTOR-65
66 OA Lodge 233 Wa-Zi-Ya-Ta F4. Lodge merged 1974. Mint crisp condition. 100 100 NOACTOR-66
67 OA Lodge 252 Siwinis, Chiricahua Chapter S1. Mint crisp condition. 100 100 NOACTOR-67
68 OA Lodge 267 Mohawk F3. Lodge merged 1963. Mint crisp condition. 100 150 NOACTOR-68
69 OA Lodge 280 Wag-O-Shag S1. FIRST FLAP. Mint crisp condition. 175 175 NOACTOR-69
70 OA Lodge 294 Kamargo P1 patch on neckerchief. Lodge merged 2002. Excellent condition, with a couple of minor yellow marks on the white cotton. 100 n/a NOACTOR-70
71 OA Lodge 302 Koshkonong F1a. 53×125 mm. FIRST FLAP. Merged 1965. Mint crisp condition. 125 150 NOACTOR-71
72 OA Lodge 309 Tsutsusid S2. Lodge merged 1964. Mint crisp condition. 100 100 NOACTOR-72
73 OA Lodge 322 Woa Cholena S6a. OA Service Corps issue. Mint crisp condition. 100 n/a NOACTOR-73
74 OA Lodge 326 Tipisa P2b neckerchief patch. 1972 issue. Mint crisp condition (never been sewn on a neckerchief). 100 n/a NOACTOR-74
75 OA Lodge 337 Otyokwa F1. FIRST FLAP. Mint Crisp condition. Cut to shape of Eagle. 750 1125 NOACTOR-75
76 OA Lodge 345 Koi Hatachie P1 neckerchief patch on neckerchief. Lodge merged 1995. Mint condition. 250 250 NOACTOR-76
77 OA Lodge 349 Blue Heron S1. DGY heron, WHT “349″; BLU shadow. FIRST FLAP. 1957 issue. Mint crisp condition. 125 225 NOACTOR-77
78 OA Lodge 355 Nanuk S5. 30 year anniversary (1997 issue). Mint crisp condition. 100 175 NOACTOR-78
79 OA Lodge 381 Braves of Decorah A1 Felt. First issue of lodge, 1950’s issue. Name Changed 1995. Mint crisp perfect condition. 650 950 NOACTOR-79
80 OA Lodge 381 Braves of Decorah F1b. “381″ tags @ middle. FIRST FLAP, MVE. Name Changed 1995. Mint crisp perfect condition. 100 200 NOACTOR-80
81 OA Lodge 397 Chilantakoba A5a. Upper “W” tags up to LYL border. Mint condition. 125 n/a NOACTOR-81
82 OA Lodge 401 Nakida-Naou. Merged 1975. Mint crisp condition. 100 200 NOACTOR-82
83 OA Lodge 411 Unilachtego S1b. Merged 1967. Mint stiff condition. 275 275 NOACTOR-83
84 OA Lodge 431 collection. N3 neckerchief (used, white cotton with yellow tape border), N5 neckerchief (mint condition, white cotton with blue tape border), N6 (mint condition, 15th anniv of lodge, and 50th anniv of OA 1965), R4 (1950-80 anniv) and S7 flap (1950-80 anniv.) affixed to Banquet booklet. 125 125 NOACTOR-84
85 OA Lodge 435 Mischa Mokwa F1. FIRST FLAP. Merged 1962. Used, fair condition. 200 200 NOACTOR-85
86 OA Lodge 438 Wahpeton F1, first flap. Slight use, excellent condition. 200 200 NOACTOR-86
87 OA Lodge 438 Wahpeton, R1a and R1b patches. Lodge merged in 1973. Both patches are in mint condition. 150 175 NOACTOR-87
88 OA Lodge 463 Kecoughtan C1. Chenille, 1976 issue. Mint stiff condition. 100 100 NOACTOR-88
89 OA Lodge 469 Tittabawasink F1a. FIRST FLAP. Merged 1972. Used condition. 100 100 NOACTOR-89
90 OA Lodge 471 Woapalane S2. Lodge merged 1967. Used, near mint condition. 200 200 NOACTOR-90
91 OA Lodge 479 Quinipissa. 3 different round patches. 479 R5, 479 R6 (minor repair by manufacturer), 479 ZR1 (fake of R6.). 100 100 NOACTOR-91
92 OA Lodge 501 Wolverine F1. FIRST FLAP. 1954 issue. Merged 1973. Crisp condition, mint front, small black paper marks on back. 1000 n/a NOACTOR-92
93 OA Lodge 501 Wolverine F2. Merged 1973. Mint crisp condition. 250 n/a NOACTOR-93
94 OA Lodge 501 Wolverine F3. Merged 1973. Mint crisp condition. 100 n/a NOACTOR-94
95 OA Lodge 501 Wolverine W1. Patch issued circa 1960. Merged 1973. Mint condition. 125 125 NOACTOR-95
96 OA Lodge 524 Chippecotton S1. FIRST FLAP. Merged 1972. 400 400 NOACTOR-96
97 OA Lodge 525 Pachachaug J1 jacket patch. RARE. 1960’s issue. Mint crisp condition. 250 350 NOACTOR-97
98 OA Lodge 546 Chi Sigma J2 jacket patch. Lodge merged 1975. RARE. 300 n/a NOACTOR-98
99 OA Lodge 550 Menawngihella X6 neckerchief patch. Patch issued 1975. Near mint, has barely visible stitch marks, but color is perfect and patch is still stiff. 100 n/a NOACTOR-99
100 Lancaster County Council T-1 Shoulder patch. One of the classic CSP’s that is considered one of the toughest when trying to complete a CSP first issue or name collection. This patch is also considered a 1950 National Jamboree shoulder patch, even though it does not have anything on the patch to tell the new collector what it is. Small repairs done by the original manufacturer appear on the back. Mint, crisp condition. RARE. 400 525 NOACTOR-100
101 500 Assorted Council Shoulder Patches. ALL MINT condition. Includes 20 of each of the Aheka T-1 and Washington Trail T-1 csp’s (merged in 1972, both are original issues, and not reproductions). Yep, this is whole lot cheaper than going to your local scout shop and paying $3-5 per csp to get some trading stock. 500 500 NOACTOR-101
102 Boy Scouts of America two line uniform pocket strip. This first issue strip that was issued in 1918-20, was purchased separately from the uniform and had to be sewn onto the uniform by the scout. This strip is a full square, 2.25 x 4.25″. Used, with some fading of the colors. Rare. 125 125 NOACTOR-102
103 BSA Airplane Structure khaki green crimped merit badge. Merit badge was issued from 1947-52. Mint condition. Also included is a red/white cover merit badge booklet to match. Book is in good condition with some writing on cover, and library card pocket on inside. Printing date of booklet is December 1946. Very rare merit badge. 250 n/a NOACTOR-103
104 BSA Armband – Assistant Deputy Scout Commissioner. Fine wreath design, full square badge sewn onto an armband. Tan cotton cloth background. Circa 1920’s issue. Near Mint Condition. VERY RARE. 1500 1500 NOACTOR-104
105 BSA National Distinguished Service Award for the Order of the Arrow award medal and original certificate from 1971. 400 500 NOACTOR-105
106 BSA Prototype Labor Merit Badges. Sealed pack of a dozen of this very rare item. Originally auctioned from the Angus McBryde Estate 10/2005. This sealed pack of a dozen and 6 single labor badges not in a bag originally sold at the McBryde auction for $5367 ($298 each). The singles that were sold were sold for $600-750 each. 2000 2000 NOACTOR-106
107 BSA Scouter’s Belted Jacket. Style as used in the 1920’s-30’s. Size 44, excellent condition. Some wear points on the leather covered buckle, otherwise near mint. Bone-like (Bakelite?) buttons. Includes 2 layman lapel pins on collar, full square layman position patch on tan twill, troop 51 felt patch, and “GILMAN” (Illinois) red/tan community strip. 100 175 NOACTOR-107
108 Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. Neck award medal. Original first issue, solid 14K gold (not gold plated). Marked “14K r” (to signify manufacturer Robbins Company). Ribbon is sewn-folder at the split ring. Mint condition. 350 425 NOACTOR-108
109 First Class Patrol Leader full square patch. 3 x 4.25″. Used, excellent condition and color. Issued by the BSA 1915-25. 150 150 NOACTOR-109
110 Life Saving Gold Honor Medal with crossed palms on the ribbon for exceptional cases of heroism ad applying scouting principles and training. Gold medal and top bar with red ribbon. Circa 1970’s. 400 n/a NOACTOR-110





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That 355 patch is real I wore one for several years. I am a vigil from 355 in Eagle River, Alaska Troop 230.

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