Japan’s Top Rank Fuji Scout Tops $1K

The Fuji Scout is the highest rank in the Scout Association of Japan and is probably more rare than the BSA Quartermaster in terms of number earned each year. So it was interesting to see one on eBay that attracted a lot of attention and sold for $1025 on Aug 27. But what was even more unbelievable is that two more showed up in a matter days from sellers in the US and the Philippines. The second one sold for $950 on the same closing day. The third was listed as Buy It Now for $1500 and had no takers.


JAPAN Highest Rank Fuji Scout Badge $1025 (used; Japanese seller)
JAPAN Highest Rank Fuji Scout Badge $950 (mint; American seller)
Japanese Highest Rank FUJI SCOUT BADGE (Still in official plastic with seal) BIN $1500 (mint; Philippine seller)


It is not a choice to be gay. It just is. There are Scouts there who are stnglguirg with this issue and who fear the loneliness, discrimination and the loss of friends. It should not be this way but this is how it is in some places. For a Scout to see, meet and talk to someone who is comfortable with their lifestyle choice, adjusted and productive would be a great comfort. Everybody needs a role model. Some Scouts may not be able to even talk to someone with a rainbow button for fear of reprisal. Just as this Jambo experience may be the only opportunity a Scout from some countries to meet someone from another country or culture, it is the same regarding the LGBT issue. This may be the only time for some to meet a LGBT person safely. There is a time and place for everything. Maybe this might not be appropriate for younger scouts; however, we are dealing with young adults at Jambo. It is a confusing time for some kids. There is a high rate of suicide among teens stnglguirg with sexual orientation issues. In Jambo we are promoting a safe environment for constructive conversation about all topics such as religion and culture. Why would this topic not be included as well? If you saved or helped one child or one young adult, wouldn’t this conversation opportunity at Jambo be worth it? If you want Scouting to survive and impact young people into the 21st century then offer the opportunity of applying Scouting values of friendship, kindness, courtesy, respect etc to the discussion of this lifestyle option. I agree with the comments of Bjorn. If you need to get the boat to shore, does it really matter what the lifestyle is of the person who is padding?

By Katy on November 11th, 2012 at 6:12 pm

Walter is right. But He might be able to promote field day and eailcpsely a GOTA station (get on the air). Similar but doesn’t involve BSA. Maybe organize a special event that includes a GOTA station and a Tech class. Some good ideas though.

By Muhamad on February 26th, 2016 at 6:23 pm

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