Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 31, 2015


I mentioned in another issue that I’m serving on a council committee to help commemorate the 100th anniversary of a council being formed in Wilmington, NC (now Cape Fear Council). My job on the committee has been to help with the history writing although Bob Walton has that covered. So what I’ve been doing is researching history in the town I live in and I’ve found out some pretty cool stuff.

Bob had spotted a posting in one of the earliest issues of Boy’s Life from a Scoutmaster in Lumberton, NC about a troop that was active there in 1911. That became my homework assignment. So sure enough I found newspaper stories on the troop which was organized by a Presbyterian Minister in late October 1911.

Despite what that article boasted at the time this was not the first Scout troop in North Carolina but it was pretty darn early. The Reverend Steele had served as a Naval Chaplain prior to coming to Lumberton and likely had exposure to the Scouting program somewhere along the way.

The troop had the run of an old school building as they meeting space and arranged many baseball games with area teams. They also went on a 10-day camping trip in June of 1912 to nearby Lake Waccamaw. Sadly the Rev. Steele died suddenly in September of 1912 and although the troop lasted through 1913 it seems to have faded out by the end of that year. It can be a lot of fun looking up old Scout history in newspapers and I’m sure many of you have dipped your toes into that.

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My wife is back from her 5-day trip and she has me running around this morning cleaning up. Imagine that!





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