Mission & Vision

I began collecting Scouting memorabilia when I was just a teenager. But today over 35 years later I have defined the reason that I built a business around my lifelong hobby.


Mission – Our Why ⚜️

Our mission is to preserve Scouting history and memories by recycling memorabilia back into the hands of collectors and welcoming new Scout patch enthusiasts. We strive to expand the Scout collecting community by sharing knowledge, showcasing memorabilia, and promoting patch collecting to Scouts of all ages.


Vision –  Our Aspirations

Our vision is to build a traveling Scout Museum that brings the rich history of Scouting to any event, cultivating a greater connection to its legacy. By inspiring others, we aim to support and secure the future of Scouting in America.


If you would like to follow the examples of how I am living into this Mission and Vision please see these recent posts on the website to follow my journey.


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