The Camp Book II Version 3 (2021) Definitive Guide To BSA Camps

I am happy to announce the Camp Book II Version 3 (2021) is now available for sale.  Bob Sherman has graciously agreed to allow me to publish the book as I have since 2012.  The latest update features a wealth of additions from the last update in 2014.  So what is the Camp Book II?


It is a complete listing of all known Boy Scout camps broken into 4 different sections: by camp name, by council name, and by state name.  There is another section listing all known segregated scout camps (SSCs). The 2021 version is 1612 pages long cover to cover!!


The original Camp Book came out in 1993 and ran about 200 pages.  Then in 2012 the Camp Book II was released which was a huge leap forward with 2500 additional camp listings.  That version was again updated in 2014 to add new finds. The latest edition adds to that and includes many more listings.  Another added feature is an attempt to mark which camps issued a patch.


The authors have decided to sell the book in a variety of means so that you can decide which format suits you best.  All of these are available in my Shopify store ScoutPatchHQ. Each of the printed versions come with holes drilled for a 3-ring binder. If you have any questions before purchasing the new book you can email me at and I’ll be glad to help.


The Camp Book II Version 3 (2021) Definitive Guide To BSA Camps 1612 Pages Instant Electronic Download PDF Download $20
The Camp Book II Version 3 (2021) Definitive Guide To BSA Camps 1612 Pages CD Format CD Format $21
The Camp Book II Version 3 (2021) Definitive Guide To BSA Camps Printed Entire Book 1612 Pages 3 Hole Punch Printed $80


I have interviewed Bob Sherman twice on my Scouting Hot Finds Radio podcast as he issued these books.  You might enjoy going back and listening to these episodes!  I plan to have him on again later in April to talk about this 2021 update.


Listen to “#30: The Camp Book II by Sherman, Minnihan & Doyle” on Spreaker.

Listen to “#65: Collecting Boy Scout Camp Patches With Bob Sherman CBIIV2 (2014)” on Spreaker.

Camp Book II Version 1 (2012) Camp Book II Version 2 (2014) Camp Book II Version 4 (2021)




Great job promoting the book and the various formats. Looking at the pricing structure, I would think anyone who wants the printed version would get the complete book. In our interview, we should explain that the increased costs for the printed versions is because of the high shipping charges. Bob S.

By Bob Sherman on April 9th, 2021 at 12:38 pm


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