Remembering The Original Online TOR

With all the Corona crap affecting the country I recently saw on Facebook where John Pleasants was proposing to host an online video zoom to facilitate some virtual trades and a sense of connection. It’s a great idea and I may even try and take part if my family schedule allows.


But it also got me thinking about my old pal Deryl Radder who pioneered online trading before Facebook or Zoom or any of that existed. He pioneered the online group format with his Scouting Collectors Society in the late 1990s. With all the fuss about the lights going off when computers rolled over to the new century he hosted the Y2K TOR over the New Years holiday.


Back in 2013 I interviewed Deryl Radder about his memories and experiences. This interview became two episodes of my podcast Scouting Hot Finds Radio. Although Deryl passed away in 2015 I think it’s nice to remember him for having a visionary idea that even today we are revisiting in these crazy times.

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