Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 29, 2023


Today after Sunday school I am going to get a rare weekend bonus day working at the warehouse. My son has to get in his hours this month to pay for his phone and spending money. We let him pick his time and although he loves to put it off to the end he always (eventually) gets caught up. So since my wife has a lot of work to get caught up on we are going to leave her with a quiet house this afternoon. Patrick will be photographing CSPs while I build listing for the week.



Have you ever spotted a Scout in uniform out in the wild with his parents and felt tempted to go up and say “hi I’m blah blah blah nice to meet you”. This happened to me yesterday in a Charlotte Starbucks. I was killing time while my son was volunteering at church and in walked a Webelos Scout and his mom. I kinda walked through the scenario in my head and couldn’t think of anything clever to say that would not have sounded like “stranger danger”. If I had a patch or something in my book bag and could have given him something that would have been an icebreaker. But the moment passed and I stayed quiet and soon enough they got their order and left.



Yesterday I felt the exact same emotion that many of the people I purchase Boy Scout collections feel. I think you might describe it as relief. We held a yard sale and I pulled out a dozen totes with all the stuff that came out of my dad’s train shed. Boxes of wires, tracks, controllers, even the plastic model kit houses. One guy was interested and I made him a deal if he would take it all. Later when I called my mom to tell her she literally quoted back to me something I have heard many times. Well at least it’s going to someone who will appreciate it. The guy said his dad has a train room above the garage. Whether that’s true or not I slept just fine knowing my dad’s treasured hobby has been passed on.



On eBay this week I have 202 live auctions including RWS, SAPs and more. When I get into the office today I’ll be trying to catch up from being gone most of two weeks.













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