Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 02, 2022



I always enjoy scrolling through the tips and moving words that people post at the beginning of the new year. I don’t usually make a bunch of New Years resolutions but the idea of getting more organized and being more efficient is an eternal quest of mine. I’m the guy that carries around two paper planners. Either that’s a sign I’m getting old and forgetful or it’s a life hack that I’m still trying to figure out.


One of these planners is just to keep track of all the patch deals that I have in the works. I get emails every week from people and trying to make sure I respond and not flake on them is a challenge. I also track in a planner the auctions that are launching and ending every day for my eBay store. The second planner is more for everything else in life that has to be done like keeping up with family schedules and my “to-do” list from my wife.


Like most of you I’ve thought about going in 2022 trying to change some of my habits. My worst one is scrolling through my phone during down time mindlessly reading click bait stories or social media. I think a much better use would be reading some books (of which I have plenty on the shelf). My other thought is that every day I am going to get some type of exercise. Walking the dogs is the bare minimum for us but there is a great greenway near us and the YMCA is about a mile away. Do you have the same thoughts?!


This week on eBay I have 266 live auctions with about 100 of those ending tonight. That list includes neckerchiefs, pins and lots of vintage OA flaps and other issues.


I think today my wife is going to let me sneak into the office for a little while to work on patches. Its a very stormy day here in Charlotte so other than getting ready for the week all of our yard projects are on hold. I have a TOR to get ready for next weekend as Chris Jensen is hosting his South Carolina TOR Friday and Saturday. This one has been going on for decades now and I never miss it. The TOR Calendar on my website has been completely updated so you can make some plans in 2022 to visit some shows!






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