Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 04, 2022



Today in the office we finished a rough sort of 4 tubs full of World Jamboree items. By that I mean we got everything broken out by event so that for example all the 1991 stuff is in one container. The next part should be easier taking that and organizing and scanning 1 of each to get ready to list. We also started the rough sort of 4 tubs full of camp patches. I am using my holiday help (thanks Sophia and Max) but like Cinderella at the ball their clock is about to run out.


Today I am probably going to be the only person at the warehouse so I’m going to focus on getting ready for this weekend’s TOR. I perpetually change my set up for shows but I think I have a pretty good system down now. I have 4 tables at the TOR so that’s plenty of room to bring the kitchen sink!


It is my tradition when I attend the South Carolina TOR to eat at the Beacon in Spartanburg either coming or going. Since I’m going to an OA banquet on Saturday night I better make this visit my Friday lunch. So if any thread heads want to meet me up Friday afternoon for some sweat tea and o’pleny of onion rings hit me up!


I have 290 live auctions on eBay right now mostly on OA. Today I crossed a bit of a milestone in that I have my auctions built and scheduled out for the entire month of January. What that allows me to do at work is focus on bigger projects like sorting rather than stressing about what goes live on eBay. What does that number look like? So over the next month I’ll be launching approximately 1000 auctions on eBay.


Along with getting my TOR calendar updated this week on the website I am also thinking about what other content projects I can handle in 2022. I almost feel like I need to get a big sheet of blank white paper and draw up some ideas. I’ve always enjoyed doing the podcast and making videos – but finding the time between having employees, a business to run and other commitments is a challenge.




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