Thread Heads #14: Live From The Indy TOR

Jason and Brad meet up in person to record Episode #14 of the show at the Indianapolis Trade-O-Ree. Right off the bat they continue the discussion from the last show about what is the difference between a dealer-o-ree and a trade-o-ree. Brad offers his opinions having just been at a pair of TORs back-to-back. One thing that makes this Indy show unique is the army of volunteer staff that do such a good job running the event. Instead of a mail bag segment each host then shares some of of their goodies that they bought or traded for at the event. A theme the hosts came back to again and again was fellowship. Meeting fellow collectors in person is one of the big bonuses of going to a trade-o-ree. Jason was able to record a video and podcast interview that has been in the planning for over a year. Brad was able to reunite with old friends that he had not seen since the previous summer. A final comment is that sometimes making complex trades via email or Facebook is just too difficult. . Brad was able to complete a trade at the show because of the chance to be at the table with the other collector. As always we are looking for show ideas, topics, and guests that have a good webcam and Internet connection so email us if that’s you.




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