Thread Heads #16: Boy Scout Collecting Projects & The Pandemic

Blind trades, Apple bags, 5160 address labels.....this show has it all! Returning to the show after a long hiatus the Thread Heads Jason and Brad are back to talk all things Scouting memorabilia. In this episode they catch up on Brad's recent huge OA flap blind trade and his experience at the recent Trade-O-Ree in Oklahoma during the pandemic. Jason...Read More

Thread Heads #15: eBay Patch Business Tips

Join Brad and Jason as they talk shop. Specifically what are some ways that the recent eBay seller updates have affected their strategies on the marketplace. For example do you know that once you sell an items in your store that unless you act you might continue paying fees to keep that empty listing visible on the platform? We get...Read More

Thread Heads #14: Live From The Indy TOR

Jason and Brad meet up in person to record Episode #14 of the show at the Indianapolis Trade-O-Ree. Right off the bat they continue the discussion from the last show about what is the difference between a dealer-o-ree and a trade-o-ree. Brad offers his opinions having just been at a pair of TORs back-to-back. One thing that makes this Indy...Read More

Thread Heads #13: Trade-O-Ree Secret Sauce

The video chat show with hosts Brad England and Jason Spangler returns with an episode filmed immediately after the Dallas Trade-O-Ree in January. In this episode you can hear the results of the catalog presale strategy that Jason tried out prior to the recent South Carolina Trade-O-Ree. Then Brad delivers a Dallas Trade-O-Ree recap. Our main topic of discussion is...Read More

Thread Heads Episode #12: Relaunching The Show

The Boy Scout collectors show is back after a long hiatus. Brad England and Jason Spangler are the co-founders of the largest online community for Scouting memorabilia collectors. Thread Heads is a video blog show that hits topics that members of the Scout Patch Collectors facebook group will enjoy. In episode #12 you can hear Brad discuss some recent comments...Read More

Thread Heads Episode #11: Trade-O-Ree Feeding Frenzy

Have you ever been to a Boy Scout trade-o-ree? These are the weekend memorabilia shows that happen almost every weekend across the country. I attended the Columbus Ohio TOR in October 2016 and ran across a feeding frenzy. In this video I share the spoils of my picking. You won't find deals like this on eBay or anywhere else!

Thread Heads Episode #10: Please No Orphans At NOAC

Episode X of the video chat show recorded for the Boy Scout memorabilia hobby features several segments on topics for any thread head. Jason kicks it off sharing his European style campfire blanket that grew out of a summer on International camp staff at Kingsdown outside of Dover, UK. While not a common camping accessory in the deep south it...Read More

Thread Heads Episode #9: Hitting The Delete Button in the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook Group

In episode 9 of the video chat show for Boy Scout memorabilia collectors Brad and Jason cover a lot of ground. Girl Scout proficiency badges are first up as Jason offers a short primer on collecting these. The next topic is times that we've had to downsize our collections. As a former professional Scouter he has a unique perspective on...Read More

Thread Heads Episode #8: Collecting Boy Scout Hat Pins with Doug Chambers

Doug Chambers is famous locally as the "Pin Guy" among Boy Scout memorabilia collectors. While we have covered vintage OA pins in another episode of Thread Heads - what Doug focuses on is colorful Boy Scout hat pins.   In the hobby hat pins really broke onto the scene in the mid-1980s and it was at the 1985 National Scout...Read More

Thread Heads Episode #7: Delegate Patch Debate

Thread Heads is back with a bit of a debate. How do delegate patches affect the hobby of Boy Scout memorabilia collecting. Brad and Jason dive right in starting with the Swapper's recent trip to the SR7B Cardinal Conclave. After showing off some of the interesting patches the conversation turns to how does having ultra low production patches affect the...Read More

Thread Heads Episode #6: Boy Scout Patrol Medallions With Todd Kelly

When Todd Kelly was working as a professional Scout in Georgia he ran into an opportunity he could not pass up. The BSA had switched the style of it's patrol medallions from the old red & black designs to full color. Todd was able to go in and get bags of the discontinued designs from distributor stores such as Belks....Read More

Thread Heads Episode #5: Early OA Pins With John Ortt

With the Order of the Arrow celebrating it's centennial 2015 this episode of Thread Heads goes back to the earliest lodge insignia before anybody had a lodge pocket flap on their shirt. When the OA was just a few years old some lodges began making Brotherhood and Vigil Honor pins in the same line as popular fraternity pins. The distinguishing...Read More

Thread Heads Episode #4: The Live Trade-O-Ree Show & 2015 NOAC

In 2015 Thread Heads is going to expand out to include a wider range of interviews and video chats. The first new video in some time features a live sit down with 3 thread heads who attended the 2015 South Carolina Trade-O-Ree. In the guest chairs were a pair of Todds that are well known in the hobby. Todd Rogers...Read More

Thread Heads Episode #3: Collector Resource Guides For The Hobby

In any collecting hobby there will be reference guides that help collectors figure out what's been issued and inform them on what to collect. In the Boy Scout memorabilia hobby there are dozens of books and on this episode of Thread Heads the hosts share a couple that they have been using this week. Brad uses the screenshare feature to...Read More

Thread Heads Episode #2: Tips For Saving $ With The USPS

Welcome back for another installment of Thread Heads - the video talk show for the Boy Scout memorabilia hobby. In this episode the hosts kick it off by jumping right into the main focus of the show - saving money with shipping. As most people in the hobby are either trading or buying/selling then patch collectors are no strangers to...Read More

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