Thread Heads Episode #7: Delegate Patch Debate

Thread Heads is back with a bit of a debate. How do delegate patches affect the hobby of Boy Scout memorabilia collecting. Brad and Jason dive right in starting with the Swapper’s recent trip to the SR7B Cardinal Conclave. After showing off some of the interesting patches the conversation turns to how does having ultra low production patches affect the hobby.

Brad shares the story of his home lodge Wisawanik #190 and how some flaps were issued that ran off potential collectors of the lodge. Jason shares a couple stories on how recently he has tired of chasing down delegate pieces and has put a cork in some of his collections.

The mail bag includes some nice Okiciyapi #56 pieces that Brad recently picked up while Jason’s shares the story of how he purchased the crown jewel of his Senior Scout collection.

In the episode there is mention of a patch trading video shot at the SR7B Cardinal Conclave. You can view it here.




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