Thread Heads Episode #3: Collector Resource Guides For The Hobby

In any collecting hobby there will be reference guides that help collectors figure out what’s been issued and inform them on what to collect. In the Boy Scout memorabilia hobby there are dozens of books and on this episode of Thread Heads the hosts share a couple that they have been using this week.

Brad uses the screenshare feature to show everyone what the Region 9 Warshield book looks like. It now exists as a full color PDF file so Brad scrolls through and explains the format of the book. Jason has been working on organizing his collection of Senior Scouting items and shares Jim Clough’s book on the topic that was published back in 1995.


Another segment of the show deals with the idea of filming short videos to help collectors in the hobby. This is actually a bit of viewer feedback as it was recommended by someone that we tackle that topic.


Finally don’t miss the “Mail Bag” segment as the hosts share things they have received this week from trading and buying on the net.




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