Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 27, 2022



I wanted to start off the newsletter by letting everyone know (and I may have mentioned this before) that the Charlotte TOR is TBD for 2022. The church is doing renovations in the fellowship hall this summer and with supply chain issues they are hesitant to schedule anything on the calendar for the space. This likely means that the event will not happen in 2022 as the clock is winding out. I am on good terms with everyone there and they are happy to work with me but some things are out of my control.


On my planning board I have a count down calendar to my departure for summer camp. Today the count is 7-days which means I am basically out of time. But I’ve worked diligently to get as many projects done as possible and the warehouse is now clean and basically ready for me to walk away from for two months. As of today I’m not opening another box or starting anything new. Some of that is influenced by the fact that I have a long list on the refrigerator at home of things my wife is expecting of me before I leave. Doh!


I have 296 live auctions on eBay heading into the weekend. That includes about 100 of them ending Sunday even though it’s a holiday weekend. Last night while walking the dogs she asked me what I wanted to do on Monday the actual holiday. My very quick reply was go to work of course – it’s great when your hobby is your business.


I was working on the staff assignments last night and uncovered a statistic that I think shows one example of how Camp Barstow has come a long way in the 5 years that I’ve been Camp Director. I did some math and discovered that 48% of our camp staff is age 18+. Ok now that does include the 4 camp cooks who are cafeteria ladies but still I think that’s a really good number!






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