Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 16, 2021


This morning I published a new unboxing video that shows me cracking open three collections in about 10 minutes. Each of the collections was unique but as always some of the same items were in each group. Want to guess what the common pieces were? But there was one really unique piece that I was very happy to get – an early 1940s merit badge sash.


Yesterday I made an amazing discovery (for me anyways) in the middle of a box of random rank and position patches. While sorting through the collection of a former professional Scout who served in Charlotte I found what some consider to be a segregated scout camp patch from the Mecklenburg County Council. It was a hat patch worn by the camp staff that simply says “Model Cities Scout Camp”. This was a federal program that played out in different communities in the early 1970s. In Charlotte at Camp Steere they ran a week of camp just for the AA kids in the community. A good friend of mine Scott Alexander remembers working as the Aquatics Director there and he had his staff hat from that week. This patch was loose in a box but was sewn at one time and was from a Mecklenburg County Council professional.
One thing about sorting out the collection of a professional who also had the patch bug is there are some event patches where you have a stack of the same one. For me an easy solution is just put them in my eBay store even if the quantity is 25 or more. You can’t find a new home for them if they are not listed. I can also sprinkle some in my dollar boxes!
On eBay I have 313 live auctions. One reason for the extra numbers is I’m finally listing hat pins for sale. I don’t really know how they will do but I’m trying them out as I literally have a thousand or more in my inventory.
For those of you that really enjoy the unboxing videos that I occasionally post I do have an offer for you. Inside my Patreon Group the Scouting Hot Finds Insiders I am now publishing a weekly unboxing video that is an exclusive benefit of your subscription. These videos get posted on Tuesday so in addition to the one for everyone shared in today’s newsletter the Insiders will get an exclusive one shared later today. You can join for as little as $2 per month.





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