Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 15, 2022


I’m excited to let everyone know that Russell Smart has added over 200 First Flaps to his Shopify Store at www.SmartScoutPatches.com. Most of you will know that Russell has been starting to let go of his massive OA collection. He started with the online Legacy Collection sale (still ongoing!) and then we built out his Shopify store with his OA odd shape collection. Today he is launching the First Flaps for sale.


I interviewed Russell for my podcast last year about his OA collection. His collection goals didn’t lead him to chase down a complete First Flap collection. But he still ended up with over 200 pieces that include some gems. Some of these are ones that were also featured in the First Flaps In Color book from the Dave Thomas collection. Make sure and visit www.SmartScoutPatches.com today before the best pieces get sold and disappear from the site.


I finally finished my cleaning project that had me taking hundreds of OA sashes home and running them through a days long process to get the stains out. The last step is to iron them and then get them listed. Luckily one of my employees will take the lead on that last step. But I’m happy to get these recycled and back into the hobby as these sashes represent about a decade worth of accumulation.


I have 384 live auctions on eBay this week. Back in the warehouse my daughter is sorting Jamboree patches today. I’ve got two boxes of shoulder patches I’m trying to finish. So everybody has projects to keep the conveyor belt moving and getting more stuff posted for sale.


This weekend I’m going camping at Edisto Beach State Park in SC. There is an annual VW Bus camping trip down there so Patrick (my son) and I are going down to met my good friend Collin Crick and his daughter. When I asked Patrick yesterday what he wanted to eat on the trip he said a hobo meal and walking tacos. Both good choices! It will be fun to kick back and enjoy the outdoors – we are looking to have great weather too!




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