Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 13, 2022


For over a year now I’ve had a theme in my Scout memorabilia warehouse. Everything gets listed. I’ve proven this by listing over 1000 Scout coffee mugs (1/5 of all Scout coffee mugs listed in the category are in my store). 🙂 I launched my patrol patches, rank patches and more. I’ve now sorted over 4,000 camp patches and am starting to scan them. But the latest project you will get a laugh from…..OA sashes.


Since I buy really small collections you can bet that one item they all have in common is the ubiquitous white sash with a red arrow. Since 2013 I have been putting these in a tub and accumulated several hundred of all ages and levels. So after doing some reading on the Internet I created a system to soak them in a wash over a few days to get them looking crispy white again. The next step was washing them and letting them air dry. Next week I’ll break out the iron and maybe with the help of one of my ladies get them pressed and ready for resale.


The biggest downside to this process has been aggravating my wife. I don’t have any laundry facilities at the warehouse so all this has taken place at home which breaks one of the rules of our relationship (patches stay at the warehouse). She has said more than once over the last week that my next warehouse will have a washer/dryer. But I think the last load will be done today and I can get everything out of the house by tomorrow.


I have 296 auctions live on eBay including many SAPs and JSPs ending tonight. The other week I upgraded my store subscription to an anchor store. That will give me up to 100k listings for a set price each month. It will take me a few years to achieve that growth but I’m sitting at 57k so like the littler mountain climber from the Price Is Right game I’m on my way.


Some of you might think this is funny. I scheduled a senior staff zoom meeting for 5:30 PM today. One of the things I’ve tried to do this year is get the veteran staff more involved in the planning of camp and helping out with online interviews. My shooting sports director sent me a text Friday asking was I really going to have a meeting during the Super Bowl? DOH! I am so oblivous to professional sports that I really didn’t have that on my mind….who’s playing? So YES I changed the meeting day off the national beer drinking/commercial watching holiday known as the Super Bowl.




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