Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 13, 2023


While attending Flipcon 2023 in Charlotte Friday I was reminded that there is a difference between people who like collectibles and “normal” resellers. One difference is Friday morning for an hour the whole group jumped in cars to go to the Goodwill bins and shop during an exclusive opening time. If I go to a Goodwill it’s to find an old glass frame to mount my wife’s latest completed jigsaw puzzle. So I hung back with a few other people for a store review.



Literally the guy organizing and running the conference has less than 800 items in his store and uses none of the eBay features to enhance his store. Being an old school teacher I was not afraid to raise my hand and poke the bear a little. He admitted that he spends 95% of his time on YouTube content and leaves the eBay to his wife and an employee. So basically that sums it up. I attended a YouTube creators conference that happened to have lots of resellers in attendance.



The platform WhatNot was one of the sponsors of the event and I did get signed up and approved to sell on that platform. This is a live selling app that some social media influencers have been able to leverage to be successful. One of the speakers at the conference sells new in the box shoes that he sources from outlet stores. Again not a strategy that fits in the collectibles space but still I did take away a few tips. One being that holding out for 4-5x your money over the long haul may not be as wise as getting out of inventory for much less and not having to store it.



This weekend I’m running 237 live auctions on OApatch with about 1/2 of those ending Sunday night. I’m just starting to ramp up Santeeswapper with auctions post 2023 Jamboree. Over on my other eBay account I’m selling vintage camp neckerchiefs at auction and have 92 auctions running.












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